Thursday, 14 July 2011

Why Shani Dev is being called a lame planet? 

Ravana was a great literate with strong hold on largely all kind of occult sciences including astrology. He well knew the significance of the 11th house in the horoscope, which rules all the fortunes/in-flow for the person. Ravana used all his powers to place all the planets in the 11th house while Inderjeet (his son) was about to born, as he wanted him to be the most successful person of his race.

While he did it all & was busy with other rituals and was waiting for son to born, Shani Dev slowly stretched his leg to the 12th house which is called to be the house of enemies, out-flow, pains, etc.  When Ravana saw this, he broke the leg of Shani Dev by throwing his “GHADHA” (arm) on his feet.

Since then Shani Dev is called as lame planet

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