Thursday, 14 July 2011

Loed Ganesh

In the Hindu Mythology, there is an incomparable place being offered to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the ruler of intelligence and all auspicious occasions. Regular praying of the Lord, can take away all the hurdles.

Meaning of the word Ganesha is – GUNNO KA SWAMI (Kind of Good things). According to Vedas, there are 14 devtas, managing the inderies & kaminderies in our body & Lord Ganesha is the sole inspiration of all these 14 devtas. In astrology also the Dev for planet Ketu is Lord Ganesha and Ketu is the planet which provides the power to rationalize and technical winover. In many of the Strotras Lord is being called the Jhyesta-Raj or Bhramand-Shpatti.

The looks of Lord Ganesha, specially the trunk face had always being attracting devotes. There are different reasons being given in different holy books. But the most famous among all is the story of Lord Ganesha being Shiv Parvati’s Son and Lord Shiva cutting the head while not given the access to home while Mata Parvati was bathing and then re-giving him the new head of an elephant. Whereas in the Bharama-Veverth Puran, it’s written that due to Saturn’s ill effect the head of Lord Ganesha started to decay. Mata Parvati when visited the creator Lord Brahma with the problem, he advised Mata to bring the first head she see. She brought the head of an elephant & that’s how the new head was given. There is also another school of thought who believe that Lord Shiva was the king of Bhoots (in hindi means spirits), Kailash hill as there capital, which is seeing as Bhutan (the country) today. To emphasis, the kings usually use to wear the elephant’s masks and may be the devotees derived that look of the Lord Ganesha.

You also may come across some intellects who will claim that Lord Shiva & Lord Ganesha is one only. Which means Lord Shiva is Lord Ganesh & Lord Ganesha is Lord Shiva (refer Sour Puran). Bhalchander (the one with spear and moon), Tritya Netra (Third eye) & Naag-Bhusan (having snakes) are the synonyms for Lord Shiva, are also being given to Lord Ganesha in many of the Strotras i.e. Gajvandhnam Chitnaye. A mantra “Tatva-purushaye Vidhmaye Vakartundaye Dhimahi !! Tanno Danti: Parchodyat !!!. Where in the mantra Tatva-Purush is the rudr himself (Lord Shiva), Vakartundye & Dhanti: refers to the Lord Ganesha, which reflects the one-ness of the two Lords.

Reason could be any but praying Lord Ganesha with full devotion can lead you to all successes in life.

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