Thursday, 14 July 2011

Saturn, your true friend!!!!

It’s seen most of the people are very afraid of Shani Dev (Saturn). But the fact is Shani Dev is probably the most favorable to the people on the earth. According to Aruna Sangeeta, 10th house is the house of luck, which is being ruled by Shani Dev.

So what exactly is luck – luck is the result of the karmas being executed by oneself. So Shani Dev is going to give results in accordance to the Karmas being done in past by you. If the karmas performed are good, Shani Dev will result in “Sthai Bhagay” (permanent luck), otherwise can also bring the never-ending pains in one’s life. So the impact of Shani Dev lies with you, perform good karmas & enjoy all comforts of life.

In Aruna Sangeeta, Shani Dev also being seeing as the karak of “Drishti”, which many relate to the outer beauty - But the real meaning is being used in the Pandit Ramchander Ji’s Lal Kitab, which talks about the inner beauty/character of a person.  Which means, if you maintain good character Shani Dev will surely take you to success.

Another very importantly aspect, Shani Dev is being symbolized by Labor or lower class. These days people are so busy growing & earning money, that if required do not mind exploiting the lower class. Even if Shani Dev is benefic to such people, even if such people do all the puja of Shani Dev but as & when the time will come, Shani Dev will not spare & punish the people for the ill treatment of the lower class.

Shani Dev is also the planet of old aged, helpless people, hard work, truth & character. And on the other hand this is the era of lies, corruption, violence, wrong doings, etc. When a person is surrounded with such things, how can you expect from a character full planet like Shani Dev a good support?

I personally believe, that Shani Dev is a great teacher. It largely does not give major dents, the planet leaves after no. of warnings. So if you are intelligent enough to understand where are you going wrong, would request you to kindly change yourselves and see the change in your life.

The planet teaches us to follow the path of God, help the poor and perform good karmas everyday. If you do not follow, that Shani Dev is bound to punish the person. To enhance the benefic results from Shani Dev, one must perform the following activities.

  • Help the help-less
  • Help the old age people
  • Never lie
  • Respect elders
Karma for propitiation of Saturn
  • Saturn Yantra – (Saturn Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra)
  • Saturn Gyatri Mantra
“Om Bhg-Bavaye Vidmayhe Mrityu-Rupaye Dhimhi Tanno Saneshr: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Saturn)
Mautard Oil, Black Cloth, Blue Sapphire, Iron, Black till, Natural Gum
  • Special Remedies for Saturn
    • Avoid wearing black cloths
    • Do not use blue colour in house as well (in terms of curtains, wall colours, etc.)
    • Read Hanuman Chalisa
    • Offer Sindoor to Hanuman Ji
    • Reading Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday will also be of great help
    • For head use Coconut Oil mixed with Camphor.

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