Thursday, 14 July 2011

House wise Lal Kitab’s Remedies for Malefic Moon

1st House
  • keep silver Thali in home
  • Have silver pot for drinking water
  • Avoid using glassware
  • Green color will not be beneficial
  • Watering banana tree would also benefit
  • Tie four legs of the bed with copper wire or hit copper nails in the legs
2nd House
  • Take regular blessings from Mother and elderly women of home
  • Place a square piece of silver in home’s foundation
3rd House
  • On daughter’s birthday distribute rice, silver or milk.
  • On Son’s birthday shall distribute copper, wheat or Jiggery.
  • Worshipping Goddess Durga would also help to great extend
4th House
  • Never indulge into milk business
  • Spending is going to help grow the income
  • Do everything with the advice of mother
 5th House
  • Visit hilly areas
  • Believe in the religion & people’s welfare/service.
 6th House
  • Serve milk to your father
  • Never donate milk
  • Provide water outlets at public places
 7th House
  • Always keep mother happy.
  • Never sell milk
  • Having silver equal to the weight of wife will also help
 8th House
  • Take blessing from elderly people & children
  • Avoid flirting with people
  • Provide hand pumps to hospital
  • Offer things pertaining to mars in temple
 9th House
  • Offer milk to snakes and rice to fish.
  • Offer rice to fish.
  • Place sliver square in almirah
 10th House
  • Visit religious places of worship
  • Do not take milk at night
 11th House
  • Offer milk in Bhairo Mandir
  • Donation of milk also will help
  • Throw 125 pieces of Pedas in running river.
 12th House
  • Never get into educational business
  • Wearing gold in ears will help

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