Thursday, 14 July 2011

House wise Lal Kitab’s Remedies for Malefic Sun

 1st House
  • One shall always maintain character & fair dealings with people
  • Must have dark room on the left side of Home’s backyard
2nd House
  • Offer coconut & akrots (apricot) to temples
  • Shall avoid disputes related to property and females.
  • Shall never accept gifts of milk or the bi-products.
3rd House
  • Obtain blessings of the mother & grandmother
  • One shall always maintain character & fair dealings with people
4th House
  • Donate food to blind people.
  • Avoid Non-vegetarian food
  • Business associated with gold, silver will give very good results.
5th House
  • Have good relation with brother-in-law
  • Do not delay in having a child.
  • Believe in the family rituals
  • Never lie and shall always honor the commitments
  • Offer GUR to monkeys with red face.
6th House
  • Believe in the family rituals completely
  • Always keep Gangajal in house.
  • Offer wheat to monkeys.
7th House
  • Lessen the amount of salt intake.
  • Start any work after taking a little sweet with water.
  • Offer a little piece of your chapati to the fire of the kitchen before taking your meals.
  • Serving and rearing up a black cow or a cow without horns, but make sure that the cow is not white.
8th House
  • Never keep a white cloth in the house.
  • Never live in the house facing south.
  • Always eat something sweet and drink water before starting any new work.
  • Throw copper coins in a burning pyre (Chita) whenever possible.
  • Throw Gur (jiggery) in running water.
9th House
  • Never accept articles of silver as gifts or donation. Donate silver articles frequently.
  • Ancestral pots and utensils of brass must be used
  • Avoid extreme anger and extreme softness.
10th House
  • Never wear blue or black clothes.
  • Throwing a copper coin in a river or canal for 43 years will be highly      beneficial.
  • Abstain from liquor and meat.
11th House
  • Abstain from meat and wine.
  • Keep almonds or radishes near the head of the bed and offer it in the      temple next day for long life and children.
12th House
  • Always forgive your enemies.
  • Keep a Chakki in the house.
  • Build courtyard in house.
  • One should be religious and honest

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