Thursday, 14 July 2011

Remedies of Nav Graha

1. Rituals for Holi Festival

If you are interested in getting some important work from some important person, shall take a Pan Ka Patta, apply some butter, keep in one “Batasha”, a pair of olive alongwith some camphor. Put everything with energized Gomti Chakar, shall offer to Holi Dahan, taking the name of that important person.  Next day take some ashes of the Holika & put it at the main door of that important person, the work will soon be done.

2. Karma for propitiation of Sun

  • Surya Yantra – (Surya Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra/Sliver Plate)
  • Surya Gyatri Mantra
 “Om Adityaye Vidmahey Prabhakarye Dhimhi Tanno Surya-ye Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Surya)
 Gold, Rudy, Wheat, Jiggery, Kesar, Lotus flower, Red Sandal
  • Special Remedies for Surya
    • Do not in-take salt on Sunday
    • Keep a piece of copper in pocket
    • Do not take things related to Surya for free from people
    • Throw copper coins in running water
    • Do not wear Yellow cloths (mainly on Sundays)
    • Respect your father
3. Karma for propitiation of Moon
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  • Moon Yantra – (Surya Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra/Gold Plate)

  • Moon Gyatri Mantra
“Om Amritangayye Vidmayhe Kala Rupaye Dhimhi Tanno Somaye: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Moon)
 Shank, Kapoor, Pearls, Curd, Bamboo Basket, Milk (cow’s)
  • Special Remedies for Moon
    • Never Sell Milk
    • Keep Silver coin always in pocket
    • Do not wear pearl at all
    • Read Shiv Chalisa everyday
    • Going to Shiv Mandir every Monday would be of great help
    • Avoid wearing white tops, on important days
    • Avoid staying at Sea/Water Coast
    • Do not take things related to Moon for free
4. Karma for propitiation of Mars
  • Mars Yantra – (Mars Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra/Tam Patra)
  • Mars Gyatri Mantra
 “Om Angaarkaye Vidmayhe Shaktihastaye Dhimhi Tanno Bhoom: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Mars)
Coral, Red cloth, Ghee make of cow’s milk, Kasturi, Red flower, Heeng
  • Special Remedies for Mars
    • Read Hanuman Chalisa everyday (well tested & best remedies of all)
    • Donate Red Sindoor to Hanuman Ji’s temple on Tuesday
    • Give water to Tulsi Plant everyday, except Sunday
    • Do not take things related to Mars for free
    • Avoid wearing red color cloths
5. Karma for propitiation of Mercury
  • Mercury Yantra – (Mercury Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra/Silver Plate)  
  • Mercury Mantra
 “Om Bhudh Bhudhaye Namah:”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Mercury)
Honey, Brass, Emerald, Ivory, Fruits of Five types (bundled together)
  • Special Remedies for Mercury
    • Read Durga Chalisa/Kawach every day
    • Donate Green Grass to cows for 27 Wednesday
    • 11 Wednesday donate “Moong” to Beggars
    • Do not take things related to Mercury for free
6. Karma for propitiation of Jupiter
  • Jupiter Yantra – (Jupiter Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra/Gold Plate)
  • Jupiter Gyatri Mantra
 “Om Aangir-saye Vidmayhe Divy-Deh-haye Dhimhi Tanno Jeevye: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Jupiter)
Yellow cloths, Horse, Haldi, Yellow Topaz, Salt
  • Special Remedies for Jupiter
    • Bathing with water mixed with honey helps reducing the malefic effect of Jupiter
    • Never wear gold or Yellow cloths
    • Do not take things related to Jupiter for free
7. Karma for propitiation of Venus
  • Venus Yantra – (Venus Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra/Silver Plate of 7 Tola [1 Tola = 10 grams])
  • Venus Gyatri Mantra
“Om Bhrigu-Jaay Vidmayhe Divya-Deh-haye Dhimhi Tanno Sukra: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Venus)
Rice, diamonds, silver (or substitute), white cloth, perfumes
  • Special Remedies for Venus
    • Always keep a silver coin in pocket
    • Offer white flowers to water on any Friday
    • Do not take things related to Venus for free
8. Karma for propitiation of Saturn

  • Saturn Yantra – (Saturn Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra)
  • Staurn Gyatri Mantra
“Om Bhg-Bavaye Vidmayhe Mrityu-Rupaye Dhimhi Tanno Saneshr: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Saturn)
Mautard Oil, Black Cloth, Blue Sapphire, Iron, Black till, Natural Gum
  • Special Remedies for Saturn
    • Avoid wearing black cloths
    • Do not use blue colour in house as well (in terms of curtains, wall colours, etc.)
    • Read Hanuman Chalisa
    • Offer Sindoor to Hanuman Ji
    • Reading Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday will also be of great help
    • For head use Coconut Oil mixed with Camphor. 
9. Karma for propitiation of Rahu
  • Rahu Yantra – (Rahu Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra or Gold Patra)
  • Rahu Gyatri Mantra
“Om Sheru-Rupaye Vidmayhe Amrite-Shaye Dhima-hi Tanno Rahu: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Rahu)
Mautard Oil, Black Cloth, Gomed, Arms made out of Iron, Black till, Fish, black horse (image can also do)
  • Special Remedies for Rahu
    • Offer flour to fish
    • Eat in Iron Utensils
    • Read Hanuman Chalisa everyday (tested)
10. Karma for propitiation of Ketu

  • Ketu Yantra – (Ketu Yantras are best on Bhoj Patra)
  • Ketu Gyatri Mantra
“Om Padma-putraye Vidmayhe Amrite-Shaye Dhima-hi Tanno Ketu: Prachudeyat”
  • Daan Bhav (Donations for Ketu)
Mustard Oil, Black Cloth, Iron, Coconut, Gold, Goat (image can also do)

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