Thursday, 14 July 2011

House wise Lal Kitab’s Remedies for Malefic Mars

1st House
  • Avoid ivory products
  • Never take anything for free
 2nd House
  • Keep red hanky with yourself
  • Donate GUR (Jiggery) during afternoon
 3rd House
  • Ivory would be beneficial
  • Silver ring in left hand is going to help
 4th House
  • Offer milk (mixed with sugar) to the roots of banyan tree
  • Keep silver square with you
  • Never sell honey
 5th House
  • Have neem’s tree at home
  • Have good character.
  • Keep water in a pot below the head side of bed (your side) at night and drop it in a flower pot in morning.
 6th House
  • Donate salt on son’s birthday
  • Son should not wear gold
  • Look into Saturn’s astro remedies section also
  • Worship Lord Ganesha
 7th House
  • Have solid silver in house
  • Always give sweets to daughters and sisters
  • Make a wall using loss bricks & destroy the same.
 8th House
  • Wear silver in neck
  • Eating in kitchen will help. Furthermore eating in kitchen can help all.
  • Have a dark room in the end of the home.
  • Take a earthen pot & bury it near in the cremation ground after filling the same with Deshi Khand.
 9th House
  • Never fight with elder brother & his wife.
  • Always have belief in GOD
 10th House
  • Always try to hold to ancestral property
  • Never sell gold
  • Never let milk boil
 11th House
  • Keep honey/sindoor in the earthen pot
 12th House
  • Have honey empty stomach everyday in the morning
  • Eating sweets

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