Thursday, 23 June 2011

Viswaroopa Nava Ratna Anjaneya Mala

[Garland of Nine Gems to Hanuman in Supreme Form]

[Here is the translation of a collection of verses, with attached nine gems, meant to please the nine planets. One is supposed to wear the gem concerned and chant the manthra to please a particular planet]

Thatho Ravana neethaya seethaya Shathru karsana,Iyesha padam anveshtum charana charitha padhi. 1

Then the slayer of enemies searching for Sita abducted by Ravana,Wanted to find where she is and decided to travel by the path of Charanas.
[This is the first sloka of Sundara Kandam. The gem attached with this sloka is Manikyam (ruby) and the planet pleased by this is the Sun.]

Yasyathwethani chathwari Vanarendra yadha thava,Smruthi mathir druthir darkshyam cha karmasu na seedhathi. 2

Oh King of vannaras you have four great qualities, which are,Vedas, wisdom, speed and never getting disinterested,And they help you in not getting blocked in your actions.
[The gem attached to this manthra is pearl and the planet attached is the moon.]

Anirvedho sriyam moolam, anirveda param sukham,Anirvedo hi sathatham, Sarvartheshu pravarthaka. 3

Absence of depression is the root of wealth,Absence of depression is the real pleasure,And absence of depression is always,Needed for people who do any work.
[The gem attached is Coral and the planet attached is Mars.]

Namosthu Ramaya salalkshmanaya, devyai cha thasyai Janakathmajayai,Namosthu rdhrendra yama anilebhya, Namosthu chandra arka maruth ganebhya. 4

Salutation to Rama along with Lakshmana,Salutations to his consort, the daughter of Janaka,Salutations to Rudra, Indra Yama and fire,Salutations to moon, son and the wind God.
[The gem attached is Emerald and the planet attached is Mercury.]

Priyaana sambhaved dukham, apriyad adhikam bhayam,Thaabhyaam hi viyujyanthe namasthesham mahatmanath. 5

Due to desire, sorrow occurs,Due to hatred, fear occurs,And you can get rid of that fear,By saluting great souls.
[The gem attached is Pushpa Ragam(yellow sapphire) and the planet attached is Jupiter.]

Rama, Kamala pathraksha sarva sathwa manohara,Roopa dakshinya sampanna prasootho Janakathmaje. 6

Rama, who has eyes like a lotus leaf,Who is pretty and knows all good knowledge,Who is blessed with mien and consideration,And is the consort of the daughter of Janaka.
[The gem attached is Diamond and the planet pleased is Venus.]

Jayath athibalo Ramo, Lakshmanasya Maha bala,Dasoham kosalendraya ramasya aklishta karmana. 7

Victory to very strong Rama and the very strong Lakshmana,I am slave to Rama, the king of Kosala,The one does who performs all jobs well.
[The gem attached is Neelam (blue Saphire) and the planet pleased is Saturn.]

Yadhasthi pathi susrosha, yadhyasthi charitham thapa,Yadhi vathsyeka pathni thwam, seetho bhva Hanumatha. 8

If I have looked after my husband properly,If my character is faultless,And if I am a dear wife,Please become cold to Hanuman.
[The gem attached is Gomedhakam (Garnet) and the planet pleased is Rahu.]

Nivrutha vana vasam thwam, thwaya sardha marindhamam,Abhishiktamayodhyam, Kshipram drakshyasi Raghavam. 9

You would end your stay in forest,You would soon join with your grea husband,You would soon have coronation in Ayodhya,And speedily you are going to be rescued by Lord Rama.
[The gem attached is Vaidoorya (cat's eye) and the planet pleased is Kethu.]

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