Thursday, 23 June 2011

Billion Minutes of Good wished Bank

Suggested Thoughts:

Follow a simple way of producing stream of good wishes. Few 'thoughts' as a sample are provided here. Read and reflect on each phrase and the proceed to the next phrase.

Preparing the Consciousness:

Take out few moments for your 'real self'.... look with in ... you are not a physical object, see yourself as a shining life energy... a star in the forehead... peace, purity and power are your original qualities..

Good wishes for the self:

I am a bright and calming... I am relaxed in this light... all my wounds are healing... I have no grudge or hatred towards anyone... I am forgiving... I am now feeling so free... free from my own negative thoughts of others... I am experiencing power in my self... I am clean in my heart... I am light and might...

Good Wishes for the World:

I am giving my good wished to this whole world... May all the difficulties and troubles vanish ... let mutual co-operation flourish... Every one is giving love, respect, purity and happiness to others... there is heartful sharing and caring for all... May every one empower themselves with divine virtues.... May a 'better world' be established.

Good Wishes for Environment

Man is part and parcel of the environment... Even the human body is made of five elements... let there be a beautiful balance among all the elements... let all the elements work in order... let the pollution in the minds be diluted thereby diluting the pollution in the environment... may the humans, plants, animals and elements be in complete harmony... I allow my pure feelings to enter into the nature spreading a vibration of positivity.

Good Wished for National Integration:

Unity is to create harmony among all, inspite of the diverse cultures.... We are the Varity branched of the same tree of humanity... the seed is god... let all the people realize that god is one... and we are His ONE family... I allow my god wishes to pass to the nation... I realize that the strength of the nation thread of love... a beautiful garland of variety cultures is our specialty... we are a beautiful show piece in this case of the world.

Good Wishes

Are the heart felt thoughts of our Inner self. They emerge from our pure feelings. Good wishes can do wonders in our day to day life and promise us a better living. They resolve conflicts, build Unity, bring in cooperation, share smiles, broaden the mind and convey our concern... Having good wishes is divinity, having divinity means to receive blessings.

The world today needs an atmosphere of 'Good Wished' and 'positive vibrations'. Let's participate in this global project by creating maximum possible minutes of good wishes. Millions of people in over 130 countries are going to join... be a proud participant.

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