Friday, 24 June 2011

AMLA TREE - It's Origin and Importance

Once, when the whole earth was submerged into the water and Lord Brahma was immersed in the meditation of Parbrahma (Almighty Vishnu). He became so full of emotion that tears started rolling down from his eyes and fell down on the earth. The Amla tree germinated from those tears.

The Amla tree had many branches, and it was full of Amla fruits. Since the Amla tree was the first tree to manifest itself on the earth, therefore it is also known as ADIROHA (Pre-eminent tree).

This Amla tree was very much liked by Lord Vishnu and all the deities alike. One day while the deities was looking at this pre-eminent Amla tree, they heard a voice from the sky: "This Amla tree is the supreme among all the trees because it is dear to Lord Vishnu. A mere remembrance of this tree gives the virtues attained by seeing this Amla tree are twice than donating a cow and the virtues attained by eating an Amla fruit is thrice as compared to donation of a cow. So efforts should be made for its preservation.

Eating the fruits of Amla is very nutritious for the body. Taking bath by the water mixed with the juice of Amla fruit has great curative values. The performance of 'Pindadana' under the Amla trees gives salvation to the souls of dead ancestors. Ghosts and other evil spirits do not trouble a house where Amla fruits are kept. One who is desirous of acquiring wealth should take bath by water mined with the juice of Amla fruits daily.

A person who washes his hairs with the juice of Amla mixed with water, attains 'Vishnuloka' by destroying all his sins of this Kaliyuga.

A person who has his food under an Amla tree in the Hindu month of Kartik, becomes free from the defects of the food (annadosha) for one year.

All the above-mentioned benefits of the amla tree and amla fruit has been described by sage Vyasa in 'Skanda Purana'.

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