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Stotra "Poorvam Rama"

Stotra "Poorvam Rama"

by Mantra & shlokas on Monday, March 7, 2011 at 11:53am

Poorvam Raamatapovanaadigamanam Hatwaa mrigam kanchanam
Vaidheeharanam Jataayumaranam Sugreevasambhashanam
Valinirdalanam Samudrataranam Lankaapureedaahanam
Paschadraavana Kumbhakarna hananam etad hi Ramayanam.

Explanation Lord Rama went to the forest in order to fulfil the promise his father had given to one of his wives (Kaikeyi). In the forest, the golden deer attracted Seeta and Rama went hunting it. At that time, the wicked Ravana kidnapped Seeta. Jatayu tried to defend Seeta and save her, but was killed by Ravana. Lord Rama then befriended Surgriva and killed Vali, the unrighteous. He crossed the ocean and entered the city of Lanka. He then destroyed the city of Lanka, killed the wicked demons Ravana and Kumbhakarna and set Seeta free. This is the story contained in the Ramayana.
StoryWhoever surrenders Rama AcceptsGod is so merciful that He will come ten steps towards you, if you but take one step towards Him. Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana, inquired from Hanuman, whether Rama will accept his homage and take him under His protecting shade. He said, 'I am the brother of His worst enemy, whom He has vowed to destroy; I am a member of the demonic race; I am unacquainted with the Vedas or Shastras or the rituals of the Aryas. 'Then Hanuman replied, "O you fool. Do you think he cares for ritual correctitude, or family status or scholarship? If so, how could He accept me, a monkey?" That settled the matter. Vibhishana was assured of Grace. When he went to Rama later, He asked the elder monkeys around Him whether He could accept Vibhishana into the fold. Of course, he did not need any counsel from any one. Others never influenced him. But, still, just to bring them into the picture, He consulted them and made pretence of not having made up His mind yet. When Sugreeva said 'no', Rama reminded him that he too had come to him, first giving up his elder brother. When Lakshmana said that the only treatment he deserved was to be thrown back into Lanka, Rama said, 'Yes! I am resolved to crown him as the emperor of Lanka after the demise of Ravana. 'Whoever surrenders, Rama accepts on the spot, without reservations. When some one suggested that Vibhishana should not be promised a throne, for, Ravana may fall at the feet of the Lord and earn the pardon for his iniquity, Rama replied, "In that case, I will hold both hands of Bharata and beg to make Vibhishana emperor of Ayodhya, our ancestral domain; we both, Bharata and I, will spend some time happily in the forests"

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