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Stotra on Hanuman "Manojavam"

Stotra on Hanuman "Manojavam"

by Mantra & shlokas on Monday, March 7, 2011 at 12:04pm

Manaojavam Maarutatulyavegam
Jitendriyam buddhimataam varishtham
Vaataatmajam Vaanarayayoothamukhyam
Sri Ramadootam Saranam prapadye

Explanation Lord Hanuman, the son of Vayu, is as swift as the wind. He has controlled His sense organs, and is the most intelligent among the intelligent ones. He is the chief of the army of monkeys and the messenger of Lord Rama. Every day I bow down at thy feet.

Story (related to the Stotra)
Lord Hanuman, the son of Anjani and the wind God or Vayu, also well known as the messenger of Lord Rama. He carried the message in the most critical times when no other person than Hanuman could have saved the situation. Therefore, he is known as Ramadootam, Messenger of Lord Rama. And why did Rama choose him as the messenger and none else? When so many other monkeys were at His service? It is because Hanuman was Buddhimatam Varishtham - the most intelligent among the cleverest.

When Vibhishana surrendered to Lord Rama and expressed his wish to join Rama's side in the war, it was Hanuman whose advice was sought by the Lord. Rama asked Hanuman what was to be done with Vibhishana.

When Lakshmana fainted and the herb Sanjeevani was to be brought form he Dronachala mountain, before the sun rise, it was only Hanuman who could travel as the mind, and reaching the mountain could come back on time. When search for Sita was to be made, it was Hanuman again who could cross the ocean in one gigantic leap and reach Lanka.

But the most wonderful job Hanuman did was when he had to give a message to Bharata. Since Rama had to go to Kishkindha and accept the hospitality of Sugriva, he was delayed reaching Ayodhya. Here Bharata having waited for fourteen years, was not ready to wait for a single moment more. He was about to enter the fire and end his life. At such a critical moment, and in such a short time only Hanuman could travel on time and save Bharata's life. So he was sent again. And Hanuman did the job well.

Such is the great hero Hanuman, to whom, we must bow every morning.

Hanuman was born of Anjana and Kesari Raja. Both of them could not get children for many years. On the advice of their Guru they vigorously prayed to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was very happy about their prayer and gave them His darshan and told them Anjana will get a prasad from Wind-God after which she will be blessed with a son. Both of them were very happy and continued their prayer. One day when she was praying wind was blowing fast and something fell on her lap. When she opened the eyes and saw, it was the Prasad brought by Wind-god Pavana. She happily ate that and after some time she gave birth to a son. That child from his very birth began to exhibit extraordinary physical might and worked many wonders.

When he was a child, one-day his mother left him sleeping in the cradle and went to do her work. When he awakened from the sleep, the child was very hungry. He was searching on all sides for something to eat. He saw a big red apple in the sky. As he was having extraordinary physical might, he started going up and up to catch hold of that red apple. But actually it was the sun, not the red apple. The child was going very fast towards the Sun. Some devas thought it was some Asura going to fight with the Sun. they ran and told Indra. Indra got angry and came out on his white elephant 'Airavata' with his weapon 'Vajrayudha'. He gave a blow with his Vajrayudha to the child. It struck the child on his chin very vigorously. The child fell down unconscious. When pavana, the Wind-God saw this, he went to rescue the child. He took the child into a cave and sat there trying to revive the child's consciousness. When the Wind-God stopped flowing, all beings in the world started falling unconscious for want of air. Devas realized the outcome and went and prayed to Lord Shiva to save the world. Lord Shiva went to the cave, consoled the Wind-God, revived the child and blessed the child to be 'Sarva Shaktimaan'. Because of this Lord Shiva's blessing only the child got all intelligence and might, etc.

<span>When he got the blow on his chin by Vajrayudha, his face became swollen and stayed like that forever. That is why his face is like this. Hanu means chin. Because of the swollen chin, the child got the name Hanuman.</span>

Hanuman is the chosen messenger, warrior and keeper of the gates of the Lord of the Universe in the form of Bhagwan Sri Ramachandra. He carries Rama's message, fights His battles, and helps His devotees in their struggle against the forces of evil. He is the personification of Brahmacharya and all secrets of existence are open to his knowledge. He is the wisest of the wise, strongest of the strong and quickest of the quick. He represents the Rudra power of the Lord.

He was a minister and a companion of Sugriva whom he did not forsake even in the latter's days of misfortune when he was expelled from his home and kingdom by his brother Vali.

Hanuman first beheld Sri Rama in Kishkindha and discovered in Him the object of his love and adoration. When sending messengers in all directions in search of Sita, Sri Rama gave His ring to Hanuman and sent him to Lanka crossing the ocean, killing many demons on the way. Hanuman reached Lanka, discovered Sita, showed her Sri Rama's ring and gave her the message that Lord Rama will be coming soon to fight with Ravana and take her back. Hanuman could do what others could not even imagine doing. By a few leaps, he reached Dronachala Mountain and brought the peak itself to Lanka within the short period of a single night and saved the life of Lakshmana. It was Hanuman again who brought Sita the happy tidings of Sri Rama's victory over Ravana. The part played by Hanuman in this struggle was truly epic. On the conclusion of the war, Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita returned to Ayodhya in triumphal procession. Henceforward Hanuman lived at Ayodhya as a constant companion of Sri Rama.

When Sri Rama, after the fulfillment of the purpose of His descent ascended His Supreme Abode, Hanuman also wished to follow Him. But the Lord asked him to be in this world as His representative and attend all assemblies of men where discourses on His deeds were held and heard and help His devotees in their devotional efforts, assuring him of His living presence, within and around him at all times and under all circumstances.

Sita and Sri Rama lived in the heart of Hanuman and in every cell of his body as he showed on one occasion by rending his heart to the astonished gaze of all members of the royal court of Ayodhya. They live in him even now and will live forever. Wherever Sita and Rama are praised and their deeds are recited and extolled, there Hanuman is. For Hanuman is immortal and lives in the closest touch of those who possess genuine love for Sri Rama.

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