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Siddha Mantras for Lord Sri Rama

That most blessed event, the appearance day of Lord Rama, falls on Mar/25/99 this year. (Refer to the appendix for the exact timing in your timezone.) Spend the entire day meditating on the great Lord, His divine name, His divine form, His achievements, His valour, His love and His grace. Let the mind dwell completely on Sri Rama on His appearance day.

To aid this, we have provided Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar's Rama Vaara Nama Japa Vithi, the Siddha technique for meditating on the name of Sri Rama revealed by Sathguru Venkataraman in a public lecture on April 10, 1984.

Rama - A Star Amongst Mantras
The names of God are potent sound vibrations called mantras. There are literally 70 million mantras. One of the simplest is the two syllabled divine name Ra ma. Though simple, it is an extremely potent mantra that can transform those who meditate on it into spiritual adepts.
Sri Rama is an incarnation of divine love. His name is so charged with the power of His love for humankind that it can transform our animal passions into a sublime love for God and thus unite us with the Divine.
This two syllabled mantra is called a thaaraka mantra. This simple divine name, which is so easy to meditate on, is a protection mantra and has the pre-eminent position of being referred to as a star amongst mantras.

Siva + Narayana = The Power of the Rama Mantra
Why is this two syllabled mantra so potent? Because it represents the perfect merger of Siva and Narayana. How so?
The syllable <span>raa</span> was picked from the great eight syllabled Narayana mantra, Om Na mo Naa <span>raa</span> ya naa ya and the syllable <span>ma</span> was picked from the great five syllabled Siva mantra, Na <span>ma</span> si vaa ya. Thus Rama mantra combines the power of the Namasivaya mantra and the Om Namo Narayanaya maha mantra.
Thus the Rama mantra represents the perfect merger of Siva and Narayana. Hence the pre-eminent position of the Rama mantra amongst mantras.

Shiva's Mantra
There's a city called Kaasi in the east of India. It is also known as Varanaasi and Benares. The uniqueness of this city is that Lord Siva personally grants mukthi (liberation) to all those who breathe their last in this city. And how does He do it? By whispering the name of Rama in their ears. If Supreme Siva sees it fit to chant the name of Rama, shouldn't we all do likewise?

The Agasthiar Way - Rama Vaara Nama Japa Vithi
What is the proper procedure for meditating on the great name of Lord Rama? It is true that one can just repeat the name Rama constantly, but Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar has revealed a particularly effective scheme for meditating on Rama's name. His disciple, Sri Bhogar, has codified this scheme for the sake of humankind and in particular for those ardent devotees of Lord Rama.

In Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar's scheme, there's a special Rama mantra for each day of the week.
Vaara - day of the week
Nama - name
Japa- meditation/chanting
Vithi - procedure
So this is the special Siddha procedure for daily meditation and chanting of Sri Rama's divine name mantra.
These mantras were first revealed to the world at large by Sathguru Venkataraman in a public lecture on April 10, 1984. You can listen to the Sathguru's voice as he revealed these mantras in 1984 by watching the clip here.
The name of Rama is a divine guide on the road to spiritual perfection. But on the way, it also bestows material blessings on the aspirant. Thus the merciful Lord Rama takes care of the material needs of aspirants while molding them into spiritually perfect beings.

Monday — Sree Ram Jaya Ram Siva Ram
Monday is the day of the moon, the celestial force that governs the mind and the intellect.
In this mantra, we also honor Lord Siva who protected the moon from decay thus symbolizing protection of the mind and the intellect.
Meditating on this mantra ensures proper functioning of one's mind and intellect. It transforms the human intellect into a divine intellect that can perceive God.

Tuesday — Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram
This is the mantra of Hanuman, the great devotee of Lord Rama.

It is known as the Rama Raksha Maha Mantra. Raksha means protection and maha means great. <span>So this is the great mantra that ensures Sri Rama's protection for the devotee</span>.
[More protection mantras: Ganesh protection mantra, Sarabeswara protection mantra]
Hanuman is permanently immersed in meditation on this mantra.
The protective power of this mantra is such that if a woman meditates on it regularly, she will be cured of any stomach and uterine problems that she may be suffering from. This is a special blessing for women.

Wednesday — Hari Rama Hari Rama Rama Rama Hari Hari
Wednesday is a special day for Rama and thus it is an ideal day for Rama worship.
This mantra bestows a special blessing on men. If a man meditates on this mantra 1008 times on Wednesdays, his wife will not covet other men. Lord Rama, the perfect husband, has granted this blessing for men.

Thursday — Jaya Rama Siva Rama Guru Rama Jaya Rama
Thursday is a special day for the Sathguru, the divine teacher on the spiritual path. On this day, the aspirant should think of Lord Rama as the Sathguru and the Sathguru as Lord Rama and meditate on this mantra with love and devotion. The grace of God and Sathguru will flow in torrents towards those who do this and spiritual wisdom will blossom in them.

Friday — Seetha Rama Hanumantha Rama Seetha Hanumantha
This is a great mantra that calls upon Lord Rama, His consort Seetha and Their faithful devotee, Hanuman.
If you ever felt that your life has deficiencies of any kind, meditate on this mantra on Fridays. Your deficiencies will disappear and your life will become picture perfect.
Moreover, just like Mother Seetha stepped into the fire and came out unscathed, this mantra can save you from fire mishaps.
Furthermore, Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar gives a special blessing for women. If a woman meditates on this mantra 1008 times on Fridays, her husband will not covet other women. There are many women who are saddened by their husbands desiring other women. But suffer no more. Follow Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar's prescription and enjoy the blessings.

Saturday — Sree Ram Jaya Ram Sundara Ram
Saturday is another special day for Rama. On this day, we call upon Rama and that prince among devotees, Hanuman.
One of Hanumaan's names is Sundara. In fact, this is His mother's favorite name for Him. Calling upon Hanumaan as Sundara will bestow immeasurable blessings on the aspirant.
Hanuman, the great master of Rama bakthi (love for Rama), will teach us how to be devotees of Rama and personally guide us on the path to Rama.
If you meditate on this mantra on Saturdays, there will be no deficiencies in your life.
Chanting this mantra can get rid of Shani doshas - afflictions due to Saturn (Shaniswara) - said Sathguru Venkataraman in the course of his lecture on April 10, 1984. The Sathguru taught us numerous secrets of Shaniswara worship, but this simple mantra for Saturday may well be one of the easiest solutions given by him for addressing Saturn afflictions. So to please Lord Saturn, chant this mantra regularly with humility, sincrity and devotion towards Saniswara, Hanuman and Lord Rama.

Sunday — Sree Ram Jaya Ram Raghu Ram
Sunday is the day of the Sun. Lord Rama was the greatest king of the Solar dynasty. Raghu was an ancestor of Rama and one of the great kings of that dynasty. This is why the Solar dynasty is also known as the dynasty of Raghu. So on Sundays, we call upon Rama as a descendant of Raghu and as the merciful Lord who incarnated in the Solar dynasty.
This is the daily worship of Rama specified by Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar in Rama Vaara Nama Japa Vithi, the rules for meditating on Lord Rama's divine name. Those who follow this technique of Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar without fail will certainly reach Sri Rama. But wait! There's more!

To share with friends, please copy-paste only the link to this article (and not the text). The link is as follows:
http://www.Agasthiar.Org/AUMzine/0003-rn.htm </span>The Wish Fulfilling Mantra - Sree Ram Jaya Ram Kódhanda Ram
This is a special mantra that Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar has given to humankind. Kódhanda is the name of the bow that Lord Rama wields. Kódhanda Ram is Lord Rama with the Kodhanda bow.
Lord Rama and the Kodanda bow are a matchless combination of courage and valour. The figure of Lord Rama wielding the Kodanda bow is matchless in spiritual splendour. An aspirant gets many blessings by invoking Lord Kodhanda Rama using this "Sri Ram Jaya Ram Kodanda Ram" mantra.

<span>First among these blessings is Lord Rama's protection.</span> In this modern world of rampant crime, safety is a concern. So who can offer perfect protection? Only Lord Kódhanda Rama. Call upon Him with this special mantra and He will protect you wherever you are, especially when you are travelling alone through lonesome, eerie places. Remember this the next time you feel your safety is in question. Lord Kódhanda Rama ensures the safety of His devotees.
[More protection mantras: Ganesh protection mantra, Sarabeswara protection mantra]
What else can this mantra do for you? Plenty. For example, if you are wronged, how can you get the justice that you deserve? If you are blamed for something you did not do, how can you win your good name back? Meditate on this mantra and you will get what is your due.
Why is this mantra so powerful? Because Sri Kódhanda Rama is the wish fulfiller of humankind. He satisfies your desires, both material and spiritual, because He is the Lord of both the material and spiritual worlds. Pray to Him constantly for guidance on the spiritual path and your progress is certain.

Rama, The Ideal One
The Lord incarnated as Rama and led a human life just to show all of humankind how we should lead our lives. He underwent many problems in his life just to show us how we should handle difficulties without getting frustrated. Through all the hurdles in His life, he remained the perfect son, the perfect student, the perfect brother, the perfect husband, the perfect friend, the perfect warrior and the perfect king. Each and every one of His actions is a lesson to us and thus He is the perfect teacher of humankind to this day. This exemplary incarnation of perfection is the ideal every human should look up to. Lord Rama was a star amongst humans and His name is a star amongst mantras. Live like him, think like him and act like him and you will become one with him.
Men and women of the world, meditate on the name of Rama as taught by Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar and you will not only attain material happiness but also everlasting spiritual wisdom, peace and joy. Let's resolve to meditate on Sri Rama's divine name a minimum of ten thousand times on Sri Rama Navami day and thenceforth.

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