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The Lord Ramachandra Prayers!

he Lord Ramachandra Prayers!
"Rama Nama Namaskar"
Special Daily Worship Procedure
for Lord Sri Ramachandra

This worship procedure was given by Sathguru Venkataraman to a few of his students for the 1984 Rama Navami celebrations. We take great pleasure in sharing it with the world today.

As you may know, Maha Guru Agasthiar was a Guru to Lord Shri Rama Himself. From the position of a Guru, he taught Lord Rama the great Aditya Hridaya Maha Mantra on the eve of the Lord's ultimate battle with the demon Ravana. Thus who better than Maha Guru Agasthiar and his Siddha Lineage to teach us how to worship Lord Ramachandra!

In this pooja procedure, there are five mantras. Each mantra should be chanted 101 times. After each time, a full body namaskar (prostration) should be offered at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Rama, Mother Sita and Lord Hanuman.

5 mantras X 101 times = 505 chants (and 505 namaskars).

Women do not have to do a full body namaskar. They can just kneel down and touch their foreheads to the ground. Men should do a full body namaskar where the entire length of the body touches the ground and the hands are held together in front at full stretch. This full body namaskar signifies total surrender (saranagati) to the Divine Grace of Lord Shri Ram, Mother Seetha and Lord Hanuman. It is an important part of these "Rama Nama Namaskara Mantras."

This is a very powerful worship procedure. Serious Rama devotees should offer this worship to Lord Shri Rama daily. This special  daily worship procedure results in remarkable spiritual uplift, if done with sincerity, devotion and an attitude of surrender (saranagati). If you cannot do it daily, at least do it on weekends and on special Rama worship days.
For audio help with these Ramachandra mantras, click here.

1. Lord Ramachandra Glorification Mantra
Om Namo Visvaroopaya Visva sthithi anta hetavé
Visvesvaraya Visvaya Sri Ramachandraya namo namaha
Namo Vignana roopaya Paramananda roopiné
Sri Ramaya Seetha Nathaya Raghupati Devaya namo namaha

(101 times + 101 namaskars)

2. Lord Ramachandra Divine Name Mantras
Om Narayanaya namaha
Om Narayana Ramachandraya namaha
Om Paraya namaha
Om Paraya Ramachandraya namaha
Om Seetha Vallabhaya namaha
Om Seetha Vallabha Ramachandraya namaha
Om Atmaya namaha
Om Atma Ramachandraya namaha
Om Sivaya namaha
Om Siva Ramachandraya namaha
Om Karunakaraya namaha
Om Karunakara Ramachandraya namaha
Om Yagna Moorthayé namaha
Om Yagna Moortha Ramachandraya namaha
Om Sanatanaya namaha
Om Sanatana Ramachandraya namaha
Om Aksharaya namaha
Om Akshara Ramachandraya namaha
Om Nityaya namaha
Om Nitya Ramachandraya namaha

(101 times + 101 namaskars)

3. "Help me, Lord Ramachandra!" Prayer Mantra
Kashtath daridriyath mositastaya
dehimé vipulam soukyam kashtan mosaya mosaya
namaste Raghupati Devaya Harayé Paramatmané
pranata klesa nasaya Ramachandraya namo namaha

(101 times + 101 namaskars)

4. Sita Ramachandra Gayatri Mantra
Om Tat Purushaya Vidmahé
Eka Patni Vrataya Deemahi
Thannas Seetha Ramachandra Prachodayath

(101 times + 101 namaskars)

5. Lord Hanuman Gayatri Mantra
and the Ram mantra He Himself chants

Om Anjaneyaya Vidmahé
Rama Dhootaya Deemahi
Thanno Maruti Prachodayath.
Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram
Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram

(101 times + 101 namaskars)

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That completes the 505 chant + 505 namaskar special worship procedure for Lord Shri Ram given to us by Sathguru Venkataraman in 1984. Please follow this worship procedure with your family and friends, reap untold spiritual benefits and bask in the bliss that is Lord Sri Rama!

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