Saturday, 2 July 2011

Rahu and Ketu

Rahu  and  Ketu  do not have rule over planets, the chart below gives their colors if you are connected to their Nakshatras, or if you are dressing for your Dasa or time period! Rahu is sort of a rust color – the Vedas describe it as “honey, blood, moonbeam,” or the color of gomed or hessonite garnet. Ketu’s color is Palasa Gree

Some ideas for costume could be in tune with what each planet rules! Leo could be a King, Jupiter could be a wise person or a teacher, a Gemini (twins) could dress as their opposite sex, a guy as a girl, or a girl as a butterfly or something that flies.You get the idea.Now, some people like to hold a Holy or spiritual focus on days when people are dressed up like witches and goblins!

Those people might want to dress up or focus on the past people connected to their Nakshatra of their Moon or Rising sign. (Nakshatra, Lunar Mansion, Star Lord, Personal Star, Birth Star, Constellation are synonyms and mean the same thing.)

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