Saturday, 16 July 2011

Prevention For Untimely Death of Spouse

Here Are Some remedial measures  which are concerned with prevention of widowhood, elimination of Mangal Dosha, promotion of conjugal harmony and removal of the possibilities of separation, setbacks, suicide, suppression, accidents, and death. These also help in neutralizing the negative planetary vibrations causing ailments like cancer, heart trouble, mental disorder, hemorrhage and nervous breakdown. Apart from these remedial measures, our sages have given us most powerful “Mrityunjaya”, “Maha Mrityunjaya”, “Sanjeevani Mrityunjaya”, “Laghu Mrityunjaya” etc. for the cure, relief and prevention of such ailments and untimely deaths. That is a separate subject, which will be dealt some time in separate cover. We are giving here Mantras of Maha Mrityunjaya, Pashu Patastra and Indrakshi stotra, which have strength to cure the native and to protect him from unnatural, untimely and unexpected demise.

Maha Mrityunjaya, Mrityunjaya Sanjeevani mantra, Laghu Mrityunjaya mantra, Anushtup Tryambak Mantra prayog, Gayatri Mantra garbhit Triyambak mantra, Kshatabshara Mrityunjaya mantra, Mrityunjaya kavach and various types of Mrityunjaya mantra are essential to be recited by pandit or acharya or self as and when required. These are to be used along with the specific mantra, stotra, sukta etc. for preventing widowhood, which we have detailed in the beginning of the text. For all mantras of Mrityunjaya, procedure and purashcharan, Havana, tarpan, marjan etc. the book named Mahamrityunjaya by Dr. Rudra Dev Tripathi is most authentic and authoritative.

This is a very effective and quite useful stotra in which thousand different names of lord Vishnu are there. Vishnu is “Palanhaar” i.e. the protector. Those, who are suffering from incurable and complicated ailments, should read Vishnu Sahasrtra Naam. Books of Vishnu Sahastra Naam are available every where for further details.

This is a wonderful stotra, which is most effective and as good as Maha Mrityunjaya, Sanjivni Mrityunjaya, and Pashu Patastra or even more potent than that. The shodshopchar pujan is done of Indrakshi Devi before reciting the Indrakshi stotra, which is given below. This is rarely known stotra and not commonly used by the astrologers, pandits, and acharyas. We have experienced the wonderful results of Indrakshi stotra where other measures failed or were not much effective. It is always advisable to recite Indrakshi stotra if the 5th house is under the influence of Venus either by occupation, ownership or by strong aspect. Dashamsha, Hawan, Tarpan, Marjan should essentially be done for best benefic results and for absolute recovery of the patient.
      Indrakshi Stotra comprises the sacred names of Goddess Indrakshi. Lord Indra worshipped the goddess by these divine names. Whosoever recites this Stotra hundred times becomes free from diseases, if thousand times his all wishes are fulfilled. Undoubtedly this is a powerful Stotra expressed by Lord Indra.
 We have given several preventive and remedial measures regarding the rectification of marital disorders, unhappy married life, conjugal disasters, separation, and suppression, set backs, widowhood, loss of wife, and sufferings of spouse by serious and incurable ailments. We would like to invite the attention of our readers towards effectiveness of these mantras, stotras, suktas etc. we are research scholars of astrology and have had the opportunity of examining the birth charts of more than a lakh of natives and have seriously and sincerely advised these measures as and when required. Most positive results have been experienced both by the devotees and us. Many families, who were ruined due to marital mishaps, have astonishingly regained their happiness, love and their sweet home by following suitable measures applicable to them. To select a suitable measure for a particular native also requires lot of knowledge and experience.

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