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Kanchipuram is one of 'Moksha Puri' kshethram.

Lord Murugan Temple - Kumarakottam is situated in between Divine Mother Kamakshi Temple & Lord Ekambareswarar Temple which reminds the 'Somaskandha' Form.

The Form of Lord Shiva,with his Consort Uma Devi seated on his Left and Lord Muruga [Kumaran] in between them is known as Somaskandhar.

Lord Murugan is in the BrahmaSasta Form.[i.e] in the 'Creator' Form .

Once When Lord Muruga Asked the Meaning of Pranavam ,Lord Brahma
[Creator] was unable to answer.So Lord Muruga Imprisoned Brahmaji and does the Work of Brahma.Lord Muruga did the Job of Creation by having 'Kamandalu' on his left hand and 'Japa Maalai' at his right hand.

That form is in the Garpa graham of Kumarakottam.

It was said that when Lord Muruga did the job of creation.Every one in his creation were born as 'Gnani','Rishis',no one was illiterate or Ignorant.Every one attained Mukthi in his creation.
  • Kachiappa Shivachariar,who is the Author of Skandha Puranam used to submit his work everyday night in the Moolasthanam of Lord Muruga.
  • Every night, miraculously, the Lord Himself would modify Kachiappa's
    manuscript with His own corrections.Kachiappa Shivachariar Found the Corrections every next Morning.Hence, the SKanda Puranam is considered to be the absolutely authoritative account of Lord Murugan's career bearing the seal of approval of none other than the Lord Himself.
  • Kachiappa Shivachariar was one of the Disciple of Mahavidhwan Shree Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai who was the Guru of Tamil 'Thatha' u.v.Swaminatha Iyer.

  • This is the Place where Bamban Swamigal got darshan of Lord Murugan in a boy form.
  • Arunagiri nathar,during his days, came to this Temple and Sung a Song on Lord Muruga.

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