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Glory of Lalitha Sahasranama

Glory of Lalitha Sahasranama

by Mantra & shlokas on Monday, January 3, 2011 at 2:29pm

Lalitha Sahasranama is in the 36th chapter of Lalitopakyana in Brahmanda Purana. It is presented in the form of instructions imparted to the sage Agasthya by Hayagriva who is an incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu.

Hayagriva tells Agasthya the story of the incarnation of Lalitha Maha Thripura Sundari and describes her sports. He then describes the city of Sripura, Her abode, the greatness of Her Mantra, the panchadasakshari, the essential oneness of Sri Yantra, Sri Vidya, Lalitambika and Sri Guru, and initiates Agastya into the Sahasranamas of Devi's attendant deities. Though he described every thing so far, Hayagriva did not mention any thing about Lalitha Sahasranama. On repeated questioning of the anxious student, Agastya maharishi, Hayagriva first explains the reasons why Lalitha Sahasranama is so divine and sacred, and why it can be imparted only to the highly potent and exalted and that the reasons why it was not imparted in the first place.

Once Lalitha Devi addressed Vasini and the other vagdevathas (goddesses of speech): "I command you - who know the secrets of Srichakra, and of Sri Vidya and other Mantras to compose a hymn of a thousand names that reveal my greatness. Lead the way to let my devotess obtain My grace by chanting it !". Accordingly Vasini and the other dieties of speech composed the Lalitha Sahasranama consisting of the most secret mantras. Subsequently one day Devi sitting on her throne, gave the opportunity of her Darshan to all those who were present in the court, including countless Brahma's, Countless Vishnu's, Rudra's and Sakthi's such as Mantrini, Dandini and the other inhabitants of heaven. She gave them all the opportunity to worship Her. As every one took their seats after the worship, Lalitha Devi allowed Vasini and the other deities to chant the Sahasranama by visual signaling.

They stood up with their palms joined in devotion and chanted "Lalitha Sahasranama" in Her praise. Every one was immersed in wonder and bliss. Devi -Divine Mother was pleased and spoke these words.

<span>"Children, this hymn was composed by Vasini and the other deities of speech, for the good of the world, according to my wish. Chant this hymn to obtain my favor. Those who chant it are dearest to Me. I will grant all their wishes."

Lalitha Sahasranama is the Powerful Remedy to Cure all sort of Problems in our Life and will give Bliss to the Devotee,who is Following;

If you have time, Please Chant/do "Lalitha ashtothram"-Archanai ,atleast once in a Week,Particularly on Friday/Tuesday.

If Possible Chant "Lalitha Sahasranama" - Good Remedy for all sorts of Problem.

By Keeping one hand on the Fore head of a Sick Person,and if We chant "Lalitha Sahasranama" with Sincere and True hearted devotion, that sick Person,will be Alright.

According to Me, Nobody in this World should shed tears,We all are Childrens - Prince and Princess of our Divine Mother Shree 'Lalitha Thripura Sundari',She is always ready to clear our problems,Then why we have to shed Tears?.

Loka samastha sukino bavanthu !

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