Friday, 24 June 2011

Why is Ganesha called the remover of obstacles (Vighneshwara)?

Ganesha is known as Vigneshwara because his devotees believes Ganesha roots out obstacles and difficulties from their lives and ensure success.

“Eshwara’” is the embodiment of all riches – physical beauty and strength, knowledge, wisdom, material wealth, spiritual enlightenment. “Vighna” translates as an unforeseen obstacle or impediment.

Abhinandan, king started a Yagya in order to fulfill his goal of becoming the Indra ( or King of Heaven).  When the news of the yagya spread, Lord Brahma tried to block King Abhinandan’s overweening ambition of ruling  the heavens and decided to create obstacles in the his path. He summoned Kalapurush and asked him to destroy the Yagya. After killing Abhinandan and destroying the yagya Kalapurush acquired the name Vighnasura, the creator of obstacles.  But Vighnasura, ran amok himself and and destroyed all Vedic practices on earth.  He could be thwarted by none, except Ganesha who in those days was at the ashram of Sage Parashar.

Gajanan took birth as Parshwaputra and Deepvatsala son and fought valiantly with Vighnasura, who had to except defeat. He abdicated himself to the Lord and asked to be blessed. Ganesha spared Vighnasura’s life, on the condition that the demon would not appear in any place where Ganesha was worshipped. Before disappearing, the demon extracted a promise from Ganesha, that he incorporates his name with that of the Lord. Thus, Ganesha acquired the name Vighneswara or “Destroyer of Obstacles”.  Legend also has it that the very same Devtas installed an image of Vigneshwara at Ozar on Ganesh Chaturti and offered worship.

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