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Vastu Yantra

The Sanskrit word vastu means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. The vrddhi, vāstu, takes the meaning of "the site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house". The underlying root is vas "to dwell, live, stay, abide". The term shastra may loosely be translated as "science, doctrine, teaching". Historians such as James Ferguson, Sir Cunningham, Dr. Havell have suggest that Vastu Shastra developed between the period of 6000 BCE to 3000 BCE, adding that Harappa, Mohenjo-daro stands on the principles of Vastu Shashtra. It has been noted that that Vastu was one of the greatest architect and town planning expert ever produced by India who lived thousands years ago. The king would send him for planning and establishing a town.
Following Vastu Dosha Nivaran Yantras are available.

Vaastu Maha Yantram

It removes negative energies or ill effects resulting from inauspicious location or directions of rooms.And also removes ill-effects of a business premises and attracts more business.

Grih Dosh Vaastu Chakra Yantra

It removes Vaastu ill-effects from place of work/residence and rectifies the faults of a building, site, home, office or structure due to wrong construction or creation.

Vaastu Dosh Nashak Yantra

This is a very useful and beneficial Yantra. It combats all the bad influences & ill-effects of Vaastu        faults existing in one's home or office. Mostly, there are certain inherent faults about direction, location, situation of a building, situation of rooms etc, which may not be easily curable or rectifiable.

Matysa Yantra

Matasaya Yantra

Matsya yantra clears all sorts of vastu faults, like a fish cleans a pond. It is highly recommended for businesses and house to bring prosperity and wealth. This yantra represents Lord Vishnu who incarnated as a great fish and purified the cosmos for perfect balance and harmony.

Vastu Pyramid

Vaastu can be integrated as science based on energy emanating from various sources. Energy pervades nature. Our life depends on it. Energy rules every form of life on earth. This energy can be either positive or negative. Incorrect vastu creates negative energy.Vaastu corrections can be done by neutralising this negative energy by strong positive energy radiating devices like energised pyramids and Energy cards. 'Pyramid' really means Energy Nucleus so powerful that it cannot be changed by any Energy interaction.

East is ruled by Indra, the chief of the gods, giver of pleasures. The direction also represents the realm of the rising Sun projecting ultra-violet rays, so essential for health in several ways.
South-east (Agneya) is the habitat of fire, the storehouse of energy.
South is the abode of Yama, the god of death.
South-west (Nairitya) is the abode of Putna demoness.
West is the abode of Varuna, the god of ocean. It is also the direction of the setting Sun which gives infra-red radiation.
North-west (Vayavva) is the abode of air/wind, the invisible, but the most effective blessing for all objects in need of motion/movement for their efficiency.
North is the abode of Kuber, the god of wealth

Vaastu Shanti Tips for Offices/Businesses
In the office, the temple should not be placed at the back of the owner’s seat.

The owner seat must be facing east or north. West is also permissible but it must not face south.

There must always be a solid wall behind the owner’s seat.

The owner’s desk must always be rectangle.

The central point of a factory, house and office should be empty.

Om Vaastu purushaaya vidmahe
bhoomi putraaya dhimahi
tanno vaastu prachodayaat.
this is the vastu purush Gayitri.  Good for vastu shanti.

Quick Vaastu Shanti Tips
When sitting for worship, keep your face towards North-West and sit in that corner to intake air from that direction.
Cash boxes can be located in the room towards the North (treasury). But if the box is heavy (such as a safe, heavy almirah) then it should be kept in the South­west corner and the door of the almirah should open towards the North.
TVs and computers should ideally be placed in the Southeast corner of the living room or study room. They should not be placed in the Northeast corner or Southwest corner.
Telephones can be placed in the Southeast or North­west corner but not in the Southwest or Northeast.
An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner/portion of the house or factory is very good.
If the north-east area is untidy or unshapely, the well being of male issues is found to be precarious.
One should sleep with his head pointing towards the South.
Students should be facing east while studying, for Academic Excellence.
If the kitchen is off the proper place, some member or the other is always found to be suffering from severe digestive disorder.
Keep the Gas in the south east corner of the kitchen
Person should face the east while cooking.
Drinking water should be in the north east of the kitchen.
While Taking meals the plate should be in South-East.
The statue of Hanumanji should not be placed in South-East. It may create fire hazard.
All the doors should open inside so that the energy may remain inside.
The hinges of doors should be noiseless. If so. The hinges may be greased periodically.
The doors should open towards right hand.
Bed should not be put under a beam.
There should not be five corners in the ceiling of a room.
Efforts should be made a leave the rooms open on North-East side.
While ascending the staircase, the face should be either towards the north or the east.
The seat of the toilet should face North-South.
No doors or windows should be provided on South-West side.
lmirahs and beds should be set very close to the South - West wall and at a distance from the north - east wall.
A house should not have paintings, which depicts depressing scenes, i.e. like an old woman crying, scenes of war or poverty. It should have picture of say, a sunrise, an ocean, mountains, flowers or laughing children.
Tall trees are nowhere recommended close to the main building. For trees the south in itself is good and so is the west. No tree should be grown in the north and the east. The one at the north-east is the worst.
Small decorative plants and shrubs may be grown in the north and the east. The height should not exceed, say, half a meter at the north-east increasing gradually to not more than 1.5 meter as one moves from the north-east to the north-west or to the south-east end.
Except rose and a few medicinal ones, all thorny plants give rise to tensions in the environment. Plants exuding white sap should also be kept off. Lime and karonda etc. are OK in an orchard but not in residence or business premises.
Amongst the beneficial plants, the best is Tulsi. It is commendable to keep at least one Tulsi plant in the north-east area of the premises, but its height should not exceed 1.5 meter.
Growing creepers/climbers with support on the compound wall or a house wall is best avoided.
Cactus should not be planted or kept in the house.
In the South-West Corner of the house one should sleep pointing his head towards south.
If north of any house is blocked it blocks prosperity.
Water flowing/water fountain from north to east is very good. 

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