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Surapadman being defeated by Murugan

Surapadman is a demon of Sri Lanka who was almost slain by Lord Muruga (but, asking for pardon prior to dying, was forced to become Muruga's vahana, the peacock) in Hindu mythology.

Surapadman was the older brother of Taraka, an asura earlier killed by Muruga; as he would not surrender, Muruga had to kill most of his soldiers and defeat the middle brother Simhamukhan (whom he forced to become the vahana of Durga). As Surapadman still refused to surrender, the final battle arose and Surapadman was defeated. In the end, Muruga mortally wounded him with his javelin--and Surapadman asked his life be spared. Muruga granted this, on the provision that Surapadman would forever be his vahana--whereupon Surapadman assumed the form of a peacock.

Lord Kartikeya: Symbol of Perfection

Thursday December 8, 2005
Kartikeya, the second son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is a war god. Read how the symbolism of Kartikeya points to the ways and means of reaching perfection in life steering clear of the six demonic vices: kaama (sex), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (passion), mada (ego) and matsarya (jealousy).

Lord kartikeya (Murgan) Photo

Lord Kartikeya was the trice child of Lord Shiva, and also idol of Goddess Parvati it is also called by another name Subramaniam, Skanda, Guha, Shadannana or Sanmukha (since it has six face). He was represent a human being of excellence. God kartikeya was present in battle of God, the Hindu correspondent of Mar and Ares. Lord kartikeya was twisted by every one the god to direct the delightful hosts and was demolish the demon. Hindu god Kartikeya was mainly male and violent of all the god. It was a flames, Agni and was especially Pitta in environment. Although Ganesh remove every obstacle, Skanda has all the divine control, mostly there was a control of information.

All famous name of Lord Kartikeya : Palani, Subaramani, Kumaran, Thandabani, Murgan


Subrahmanya is one among the numerous names of Lord Muruga or Lord Karthikeya or Kartik. An important god in Hindu pantheon, he is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and is the army general of the Devas (gods). What does the term ‘Subrahmanya’ mean?
In Sanskrit, ‘su’ means anything good natured or beautiful or good. ‘Brahmanya’ means a person who has had realized Brahman.Thus ‘Subrahmanya’ symbolically represents a good natured person who has had Brahman realization.
Lord Subrahmanya is a deity who is worshipped and adored with intense devotion and faith not only throughout South India and Sri Lanka but also in places such as Mauritius and Malaysia where there is a high population of Tamil people. The Lord has many powerful names, which convey great meaning and deep esoteric knowledge. Swamiji is especially fond of giving Subrahmanya 's names to the young boys who join Premananda Youth. He said, "I am blessing them with these glorious names of the perfect deity, Lord Subrahmanya . I hope that the youngsters will live up to these names. Subrahmanya is the embodiment of brilliant light, courage, fearlessness and pure shakti. According to the Hindu legends, He was born because the Gods had been defeated by powerful demons and they pleaded with Lord Shiva to rescue them. He created Lord Subrahmanya from His third eye. Even from this we can understand that Subrahmanya is the embodiment of the purest and highest knowledge and power."
Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva, is said to be the leader of the god's forces. Also known as Subramaniam, Skanda, Guha, Shadannana or Sanmukha for (having six heads).

Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Shakti is the efficient and brave leader of god's forces. Leading the forces efficiently is an extremely difficult task. To discharge this duty the commander must have befitting virtues. To depict these virtues, Kartikeya has six heads. With his six heads, Kartikeya is able to see in all the directions and up and down for impending attacks during the war, so that he could counter them fittingly before the blows hit him.

With his six heads, Kartikeya preaches the human being that the whole world is like a battle of the Gods and the Demons. If humans wish to lead them efficiently through the battle of life, they must always be on alert. Otherwise, there is no shortage of people in world with demonic virtues. Misguided by their craftiness, cleverness, it is very easy to lose sight of the target.

A peacock is very pious bird, free of sexual desires. It never mates with peahen in its entire lifetime. It has vividly colorful feathers and very handsome appearance. But its legs are very ugly. During the rains, a peacock dances with joy seeing the brooding clouds. But while dancing it sees its legs, it begins to weep on their ugliness. His eyes fills with tears. The peahen then drinks these tears, and thus gets pregnant. Hence the peacock is an organism that has defeated Kaamadeva. As a vehicle of Kartikeya it preaches that if the people wish to become the leader, they must suppress their sensual desires. Besides they must also conquer six demerits also. These are : Kaama (Sex), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Passion), Mada (ego) and Matsarya (Jealousy), Six heads of Kartikeya give this preaching.
The peacock is considered sacred in Hindu mythology. The divine vehicle or vahana of Lord Muruga is a peacock named Paravani. It is believed that during a battle between Lord Muruga and a demon named Surapadman, the demon assumed the form of a big mango tree. This tree was split into two by Lord Muruga’s spear (vael). From one half emerged a cock and from the other a peacock. Lord Muruga took the peacock as His vahana and the cock as His flag symbol.

Kartikeya sits on lotus
The One In All has unlimited forms. The Child -God Kartikeya has many names. This project was an offering to this Divine Personality.The picture is full with His objects of worship and remembrance.The peacock is His vehicle,in His left hand is the Vel,a powerful weapon of seven flames which is believed to be the power of His Sister Jyoti. The Tamil Om symbol radiates eternal blessings from His upraised right hand.The rooster is associated with this beloved God,and behind Him is one of His famous temples. In the background is the celebrated Palani Hill that has another temple to Him at its top.Floating on lotus leaves in the foreground is a full arati tray of worship paraphernalia and a plate of tropical fruits and nuts for the Lord of south India and the world.

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