Friday, 24 June 2011

Sri Chakra Puja to Sri Saraswati Devi Bestows a Wealth of Blessings

When we worship Sri Maha Saraswati Devi in the Sri Chakra, She grants us infinite wealth of knowledge, fame and fortune.
The way to worship Sri Saraswati Devi in the Sri Chakra is as follows:
It is important to take a complete bath, including the head, before starting the sadhana (practice). Wear white clothes. If they have a gold border, they prevent the energy in your body from being drawn out by the Earth. Sit in your puja room facing east. Have a picture of Sri Saraswati Devi in front of you, and place your Sri Chakra in front of that on a silver or brass plate. Avoid steel and plastic as far as possible.
First bathe the sacred Sri Chakra with milk, or with panchamrita (a mixture of five ingredients consisting of milk, yogurt, cow ghee, honey and sugar), while chanting the Samputita Sri Suktam. Then wash the Sri Chakra with sanctified pure water. Place a silver vessel on the altar, fill it with white rice, cover it with a pure white silk cloth to
make a soft seat, and place the Sri Chakra on it.
Chant the following Sri Maha Saraswati Mantra 1008 times:
Om Ayim Srim Hrim Saraswati Devyai namaha Sarva jnana siddhim kuru kuru swaha
As you chant this Saraswati Mantra, you can offer white sandalwood powder, white rice, silver flowers, white lotuses, white jasmine or any other white flowers to the Sri Chakra. You can also offer white pearls or crystal beads to the Sri Chakra.
When performing this puja, light a lamp filled with clarified butter made from cow’s milk in front of the Sri Chakra and burn some incense. Also offer some naivedyam, a food offering, such as white pongal (pongal made by boiling white rice and sugar in milk), milk khova (made by boiling milk and sugar for a long time), or plain milk.
What are the benefits of performing this worship to the Sri Chakra?
Doing this kind of worship will free you of ignorance and forgetfulness, and increase your knowledge. You will also attain the ability to compose poems, an immense capacity for discrimination and full awareness; you will become learned and skillful, and be able to speak powerfully.
Parents, whether mothers or fathers, who want their children to do well in their education, achieve great accomplishments and have good fortune in the future, should worship Sri Maha Saraswati Devi in the above-mentioned manner daily or during Navaratri. When they serve the Sri Chakra in this way, Maha Saraswati Devi Herself will shower Her grace upon their children, liberating them from ignorance and enveloping them in a glowing white light, so that they shine brightly with the light of knowledge. No matter how much their children dislike school, no matter how disinterested they may be in their education or job, they will gradually become disciplined and interested in their studies and work. Their parents will see them experience many fruits resulting from Sri Maha Saraswati’s grace. She corrects them and molds them with such qualities as discrimination, humility, and good character.
A home should be an abode of peace. In the past, four generations of people used to live under one roof in unity and harmony. Friends, relatives, children and elders—all used to associate happily with each other, and the house sparkled with laughter and merriment. These days there are small families with differences of opinion between members, in extreme cases leading to divorce and other calamities. That is why—for the sake of peace, to practice self-control, and to live in wisdom—we need to invite Sri Maha Saraswati into our home and do sadhana.
Meditating on the Saraswati Mantra destroys all negative thoughts. Sri Chakra puja suppresses the effects of all negative forces and protects you from them.
When to perform Sri Chakra puja to Sri Saraswati Devi:
It is most beneficial to do this sadhana during Navaratri. You will clearly experience the compassionate flow of Sri Saraswati when you specifically worship Sri Maha Saraswati Devi from the beginning of Navaratri until Maha Saptami, the day of Mula Nakshatra. This is the seventh day of Navaratri, September 29. Whenever we do this sadhana at 7 p.m. during Navaratri, our desires will be fulfilled. Saptami is the number seven, which is very dear to Saraswati Devi.
The puja should be completed on Maha Navami, the ninth day of Navaratri. On Vijayadasami day, pray to Divine Mother to grant success in all your endeavors. In praying to Sri Saraswati Devi in the Sri Chakra in this manner, you will achieve success in all your endeavors.
Do this Sri Chakra puja with single-pointed concentration, devotion and a pure mind. Don’t get up in the middle of japa or take a rest while doing japa. Do not under any circumstances get up or talk in the middle of it. Eat the offerings of the prasada yourself and offer them to family and friends. Have firm faith and belief that you will definitely receive the blessings of Jagan Mata, the Mother of the Universe.

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