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Saint Haridas and the Fallen Woman

Saint Haridas and the Fallen Woman

by Mantra & shlokas on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 5:20pm

Once saint Haridas, a disciple of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in the course of his wanderings, reached a village. He used to engage himself day and night in the chanting of the Lord’s Name.

A police superintendent who lived nearby was disturbed by his Kirtan. In order to pollute him, the police officer devised a plan. He sent a very charming prostitute to Haridas for the purpose. In the night, the prostitute, proud of her beauty and amorous glances, went to the saint. But how can a saint waver from his unflinching devotion? Haridas did not stop his chanting for the whole night. Early in the morning, seeing her before him, he said: “Please come next night. I may be able to talk with you then.” So saying, he resumed his work.

“What sort of man is he?” she wondered, “But tomorrow I will be successful.” Thus thinking, she went away. The next night, she came again with double enthusiasm. But, again the same thing happened. She thought within herself, “He must have attained something more beautiful than myself. This must be the reason. Otherwise, he would have fallen into the trap of my beauty as a moth falls into the flame. Let me also attain the Beauty of all beauties which has intoxicated this saint.”

The contact with the saint transformed her. She began to yearn for the attainment of God. The saint gave her a rosary and a seat, and ordered her to distribute all her wealth among the poor and to engage herself in the chanting of the Lord’s Name. In course of time, the unholy woman became a holy devotee of the Lord. She had His Darshan and attained supreme blessedness. Such is the glory of Satsang.

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