Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mythological tales


Just as Parikshit became a famous devotee listening to the narration of the lord and Veda Vyasa became a famous devotee just by singing hymns in the praise of the almighty God, in the same way Akrura became a famous devotee by his worship. Akrura was free from all kinds of fears and grief.

Akrura was born in the descent of the Yadavas and was the uncle of Lord Krishna. Akrura's father was 'Shvafalka'. Akrura was one of the courtiers of 'Kansa'. Many other courtiers had left Kansa after being tormented by him but Akrura remained there somehow. When Kansa failed in his attempts to kill Krishna, he hatched a conspiracy to kill him. He organized a Dhanush Yagya, in which Krishna was to be invited and then killed by the demons.

Akrura was sent as a messenger to invite Krishna, Balrama and the other cowherds. Akrura was thrilled at this god sent opportunity as he himself was desirous of seeing Krishna.

Akrura woke up in the early morning and left Mathura for Nand's village to meet Krishna. All the while on his way, he kept thinking of Krishna.
Immersed and absorbed in such sort of imaginations, Akrura reached Vrindavana. where he saw the footmarks of Shyam Sundar, He jumped down from his chariot and saluted that sacred soil. His heart was filled up with deep satisfaction.

As soon as he reached 'Vraja', first he met 'Baldev' with 'Shyam Sundar'. Krishna took Akrura in his embrace, took him to his house, asked about his well being and honoured his guest in every possible way. Then, Akrura told Krishna about the purpose of his coming. Next day, Shri Krishna and Balrama left for Mathura along with Akrura on the chariot. On the way, the cowherds tried to stop their chariot however they made their way ahead.

It was evening time and Akrura stopped the chariot to perform his daily worship, at the bank of the river Yamuna. As soon as he took a dip, he saw the same image. Akrura became convinced about the divinity and omnipresence of Krishna. When he came back after taking his bath, he found Krishna standing there and smiling at him. After making a salutation to Krishna, he sat down in the chariot and proceeded towards Mathura.

After reaching Mathura, Krishna got down from the chariot and told Akrura to proceed. Akrura insisted Krishna to come along with him but Krishna did not relent. He told Akrura that after being a guest of his maternal uncle Kansa, he would certainly come to his place.

Lord Krishna kept his promise after killing Kansa, he went to Akrura's house. Akrura's joy knew no bounds. The same Krishna had come to his house for whose, realization sages, hermits did tremendous penance.
After worshipping Krishna, Akrura asked Krishna as to what he could do for him, Krishna requested him to go to Hastinapur and bring the news of the Pandavas, who he had heard were tormented by Dhritarashtra.

Akrura went to Hastinapur and persuaded Dhritarashtra against tormenting the Pandavas. He returned back with the news. When Krishna left Mathura and went to Dwarka, Akrura too was present along with him. He was so deeply involved with Krishna, that he could not live without him even for a moment. Akrura was so virtuous, that his mere presence would make a place free from droughts, famines and other such natural calamities. Once, when he was not present in Dwarka, the people there, had to face many physical and mental agonies. Krishna had to call him back.

Akrura was Krishna's uncle but still he was a great devotee of Krishna. At the end, he too went to the 'Paramdhaam' along with Krishna.

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