Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mother's Role

 Lord Krishna visited Queen Gândhârî to console her after the Kurukshetra battle. She accused Him: "Though You are God, how could You be so partial. You supported the Pândavas but could not save at least one son out of the hundred sons I bore." Krishna replied: "Sister, I am not responsible for the death of your children. You are responsible." Gândhârî replied: "Krishna how can You be so hard hearted to accuse me thus?" Krishna replied: "Sister, you gave birth to a hundred sons but did you ever cast your loving glance on at least one of them? You chose to remain blindfolded. You could not see for yourself how your sons were faring. Your sons are indeed the most unfortunate ones because they could not enjoy their mother's tender care and affectionate glance. How could they grow into disciplined, dutiful and righteous heroes? Mother is the first teacher and preacher".

"Just think for yourself the situation and compare it with that of Queen Kuntî. Kuntî from the moment of her husband's death, brought up her sons with great care and affection. She was with them both in the palace and in the house of wax [S.B. 10.57] as well. The Pândavas would never do anything without the blessings of their mother. They could earn My grace not because of their individual talents but because of Kuntî's constant prayer to Me: 'Oh Krishna! You alone should protect them.' Those who are not fortunate enough to enjoy the loving glance of their mother cannot earn the divine vision, nor can they win the love of God."

Thus Lord Krishna enlightened Queen Gândhârî on the role of the mother.

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