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Maha Lakshmi Namosute

Maha Lakshmi Namosute

by Mantra & shlokas on Friday, July 16, 2010 at 2:08pm


She is the mother of world. She nurtures the world. She is the Goddess to grant foods to the people of world every day. The divine mother by whose blessings the worst curse of poverty gets removed is lovingly called as Mahalaxmi. Goddess Mahalaxmi the mother of world is considered as the goddess to grant food for the entire living world. She is the Goddess of prosperity, sacredness and keeps the power to grant all the happiness if she is pleased properly. She removes the curse of poverty. She grants beauty, affection, love and all the divineness. The Goddess according to Durga Saptasati is considered as one among the three forms of Goddess Durga. Maa Laxmi is known by many names like Laxmi, Kamala, Padmalaya, Haripriya, Khirabdhitanaya, Shri,Jayapurba, Jayaprada, Shantida, Siddhida and many other names.

There is a beautiful story relating to the origin of Goddess Laxmi in Srimad Bhagabat . According to Srimad Bhagabat when the demons and the lords of heaven went to grind the ocean of milk at that time they used a rock named Mandara as the grinding rod. Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise to keep the rock on his back. They used the snake named Basuki as the rope for the grinding rod. After that they started grinding the milk ocean but at the initial stages severe poison came out of it and Lord Shiva by the requests of all swallowed that poison for which his throat became green and for that he got the name Nilakantha. After that many divine things came out of the ocean and finally Goddess Laxmi originated from the ocean. After her origin she accepted Lord Vishnu as her husband.

Types of Laxmi Idols
To fulfill the desires of her devotees Goddess Laxmi has taken many forms and she has achieved her names according to those forms. Those forms are Veera Laxmi, Santana Laxmi, Gaja Laxmi, Vijaya Laxmi, Dhana Laxmi, Aishwarya Laxmi, Adhi Laxmi, Dhanya Laxmi.



Once upon a time it happened that a Chandal (The so called Untouchable caste) Lady named Shriya worshipped Goddess Laxmi with great devotion. The lady was worshipping Goddess Laxmi with great devotion. And the power of her devotion pleased Maa Laxmi highly. Finally the goddess being pleased with her visited her house but this became intolerable to her brother in law Lord Balabhadra. So he told Lord Jagannath the husband of Maa Laxmi to discard her out of the Shrimandira. Lord Jagannath did according to the words of his elder brother. This made the Goddess insulted and as a result of this she left the Shrimandira.

After Maa Laxmi left the temple all the property of the two brothers got destroyed. With hunger they started begging but even that even was not available to them. Finally they came to Goddess Laxmi’s House and asked for some food. So Goddess Laxmi by her maid replied it that I am the daughter of a Chandal Lady named Shriya. So how can I feed these Brahmins like Jagannath and Balabhadra. But the two brothers replied it that no matter who ever she may be, but they only want food from her. Thus by agreeing to accept from the daughter of a Chandal they broke their own promise. And finally came to know about Maa Laxmi and accepting their own fault they returned to Shrimandira with Goddess Laxmi and resided happily. Thus this story tells it that the loving mother Maa Laxmi can do anything for her devotees.

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