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During the war with Ravana in Lanka, Meghanad trained his powerful Naagpasha on Shri Rama and Lakshman. But a suspicion took hold in his mind as to how a demon could have tied the Lord who is himself supreme. Garuda then began to doubt the supremacy and omnipotent character of god. With that doubt in mind, Garuda visited many places and at last reached Lord Shankar. Lord Shankar sent him to the hermitage of Kak Bhushundi. The ambience of his hermitage was so pious that it destroyed the illusion, which had surrounded Garuda. His doubt too was removed automatically. There, Garuda heard the complete Ramcharit from Kak Bhishundi.

Replying to the query of Garuda, Kak Bhushundi said: " At one time, I was born in Ayodhya. I was a shudra then. Once a famine occurred there, so leaving my birthplace, I migrated to Ujjaini. There,I took Shiva mantra from a Brahman. I had great discrimination then in my mind. Despite being a devotee of Shiva, I used to hate Vishnu and Rama.Though my teacher was a true devotee, but I used to criticize Narayana. My teacher kept on convincing him that Shankar and Vishnu are one. Even Shankar himself takes the name of Rama. To discriminate between Hari and Har and criticize any one of them is a sin. But for my ego,I never paid attention to the words of my teacher.

One day sitting in the temple of Shiva, I was reciting Shiva Mantra when my teacher arrived there.I did not greet him nor stood up in his respect. My teacher a saint in nature did not feel bad.But Lord Shankar in a celestial voice then proclaimed: "You will have to take birth 1000 times in the form of insects and worms." Hearing that voice, the kind Brahmana felt sorry for me. He prayed to Lord Shiva: " O Lord, he is an person with no knowledge, pardon him." Pleased by the kindness of the Brahmana, Lord Shankar announced some relaxation for me. He said: " He will not be sorry for his birth and death. Whatever form he takes, he will leave that without pain. By my grace, he will remember all these events. During Rama Avataar, he will find salvation."

Thus by the curse, I wandered in many forms and now have taken birth in Brahmana clan. My parents had passed away in my childhood. Now I have only one desire to have a glimpse of Lord Rama. With this desire I have been wandering from place to place. Everyone preached me about the formless, all-pervasive Brahma. But my mind wishes to have a glimpse of that beautiful, tangible Brahma who is Lord of all the 3 worlds. Thus wandering, I reached the hermitage of the sage Lomash. Finding me a completely detached Brahmana, came to teach me about Brahmagyan(the supreme knowledge).He also preached me about the formless, intangible God and I countered his words by supporting the tangible appearance of God. This infuriated the sage Lomash and he cursed me saying: " you are so much stubborn on your decision, so go and become a crow." At once I acquired the body of a crow. So greeting the sage, I began to leave. Then the sage began to feel sorry of having cursed me. Hence,he lovingly called me and gave me Rama mantra and blessed me saying: " May an unshakable faith reside in you for Shri Rama. Now because of my blessings, you will be able to take any form at your will and you will meet your death by your will alone. You will have equal knowledge and detachment.Ignorance will not affect an area up to a Kosa around the hermitage where you will live."

Thus, by the permission of my Guru, I came to Nilachala. Whenever and wherever Lord incarnates, I stay there for 5 years and witness his play as a child. Reciting the name of God, meditation, worship and telling his tale are my routine now. Even Lord Shankar has himself stayed at the hermitage in the form of Rajahans (the royal swan).

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