Thursday, 23 June 2011

Improve Your Intelligence And Wisdom through the puja of Goddess Saraswati

Performing Day : Any Thursday
Time : Early Morning,, Before Sunrise
Requirements : White cloth or mat, Rice, Incense, Vermillon, Wooden table, Some fruits, Oil lamp, Crystal Rosary, Copper Surya Yantra, Mango woods, Ghee, Havan or yagna platform.

Intelligence, wisdom and perfect acumen are essentialities for Sucess in life and not only for studies.
Saraswati the Goddess of learning is called Medhaa in the ancient texts and in Jain literature. Still there is a bit of difference in Saraswati Sadhana and Medha Sadhana. The former only brings gain of knowledge while the latter also makes one perfect ad practical in every day life.
A person who is intelligent need not be expert in all feilds but he sure shall be able to excel in the field that he has chosen in his life. Saraswati Puja is a Sadhana that bestows intelligence, presence of mind, ability to make successful plans in ones life and achieve the desired success in them.One might be a highly qualified professional like chartered accounted, engineer, doctor, politician, high ranking officer, teacher, journalist this Puja would helps one develop the skills that could make
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one unparalleled in one's field. For students desirous of good results in competitions too this Sadhana comes as a divine gift. It can help develop greater perspective, deep insight and power of concentration and the capability of working hard for hours without tiring out. If tried with full faith and devotion and without any doubts this Sadhana could bring about a miraculous change in your thinking, your outlook and your approach.

Sadhana Procedure

- Saraswati Puja ritual shall be performed on a Thursday morning, before sunrise.
- One should take a bath and wear clean white clothes.
- Sit on a white mat or cloth facing east.
- Cover a wooden seat with white cloth .
- Take a steel plate and draw a Swastik with Vermillon and draw an eight petalled lotus with vermilion.
- Take eight Gomati Chakras and place one on each of the petals of the lotus.
- Offer vermilion rice grains, flower petals on each chakra and put the Saraswati Yantra in the center of the Lotus.
- Lite the lamp and incense
- Take water in the right palm and pledge - I (speak your name) am doing this Sadhana for the removal of these problems in my life (specify the problems) and may Goddess Saraswati bestow success upon me.
- Let the water flow to the floor.
- Offer prayers to Lord Ganpati by chanting
" Om Gam Ganpataye Namah " eleven times.
- Pray to your Guru or Lord Shiva (thinking of him as your Guru) for Success in the Sadhana.
- After this chant 21 rosary of the following mantra with a Kamalgatta rosary
"Om Ayeim Shreem Ayeim Kamalvaasineyi Namah"

After the completion of the Sadhana place the yantra in you puja Ghar.

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