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Importance of flowers in puja ritual

Importance of flowers in puja ritual

by Mantra & shlokas on Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 5:40pm

1. Importance of flowers in puja ritual
There are subtle frequencies of deities active in the atmosphere. These frequencies are attracted towards certain flowers. These frequencies are then emitted back into atmosphere and are then known as ‘pavitrak’. Before we come to the topic of spiritual benefits of offering flowers, let us first see the difference between frequencies and pavitraks.
•The subtle principle of deities attracted to a flower from space is called frequencies while the same deity principle when gets emited into atmosphere is called as pavitrak.
•The frequencies are subtle most and comparatively more unmanifest (nirgun) form of deity principle while a pavitrak is the subtle and manifest form of the same deity principle.
Let us now see the subtle drawing of a Hibiscus flower

•The Ganesh principle present in the universe gets attracted towards the central space of the red coloured Hibiscus flower and is emitted in the form of circles.
•The Ganesh principle which is absorbed by the stem of the flower gets emitted through the petals in the atmosphere.
•The stamen of the flower absorbs the Ganesh principle present in the atmosphere and emits the particles which donate vital energy or pranshakti.
•The Hibiscus flower is of raja-sattva nature. As a result divine energy (shakti) and divine consciousness (chaitanya) are emitted from its petals.
Thus this subtle drawing must have made it clear to our viewers as to how the frequencies of deity principles are attracted towards flower and how through the medium of various parts of flower the same deity frequencies are emitted in the atmosphere in the form of pavitraks. Thus it is quite clear that the emission or projection of deity principles and pavitraks is a process taking place at a spiritual level. The effect of this process is multifold. One of this is reduction in the strengh of raja-tama principle present in the atmosphere.
The negative energies present in the atmosphere get distressed due to the deity principle pavitraks projected by the sattvik flowers. Their tama component dominated energy or what we call as black energy is either reduce or gets destroyed. In short the sattvik flowers fight with the negative energies present in the atmosphere by emitting frequencies of deity principles. Such flowers when brought into contact with a person suffering from the distress of negative energy then the negative energy which has entered the person subsides.
To understand this topic clearly will have to first know the distinction between ‘Negative energy’ and ‘black energy’. There are some distressing energies in the atmosphere which trouble us. They are subtle in nature. They are called ‘negative energies’. The energy of deities is known by the terms such as chaitanya (divine consciousness), bliss(ananda) and shanti (peace) while the energy of negative energies is known as ‘black energy’. The deities are sattva predominant while the negative energies are tama predominant!
A deity looks after our welfare whereas negative energies does us harm. When a person is severely affected by the negative energy distress, his control over his mind, body and intellect is reduced and that of negative energy is increased. This affects the thoughts, emotions etc of the person. Such an affected person when come in contact with an atmosphere predominant in sattva component then there is friction between the positive sattva atmosphere and negative energy. This can manifest in various forms. This may be in the form of a simple thought of leaving the place or a violent reaction. Sometimes these destructive thoughts can become manifest on a physical level. Under such circumstances the negative energy may manifest grossly in the form of sudden burst of anger, shouting, throwing of objects and not only this, it may take any form of destruction such as plundering and breaking of surrounding things.
This must have definitely introduced you to the topic of distressing or negative energies. So let us move back to the original topic where we are going to see the effect of sattvik flowers on negative energies.

Let us see the effect of hibiscus flower on the woman suffering from distress of negative energy

•Shri Ganesh principle frequencies present in the universe get attracted to the Hibiscus flower.
•The attracted frequencies get converted into shakti and chaitanya and are emitted in the atmosphere.
•The emitted energy is of destroyer type that it reduces the covering of black energy generated by the negative energy around the woman.
•There is formation of chaitanya in the heart of the woman as a result of emitted chaitanya.
•The subtle particles of destroyer form of energy are projected in the atmosphere.
This subtle drawing must have helped you to understand the importance of sattvik flowers. When we offer such sattvik flowers to a deity during puja then the deity frequencies are emitted from the flowers on a large scale. This not only benefits the worshipper but also makes the surrounding atmosphere sattvik.

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