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Sadhanas of Lord Hanuman are really amazing in the results they produce and what more they are so easy and quick acting that there could be no other Sadhana like them. Then what is the need to go in for tough rituals when all solutions can be ad through them.

Years back a friend was to appear for an interview for a job but he was in the grip of fear. He needed a job badly, but more than 200 candidates had been called when only five were to be selected. Tension and doubts had made my friend nervous. I advised him to just recite the Hanuman Tantra Chamatkaaraanushtthaan once before he went in for the interview. And so he did. While others sat outside poring into books, he sat there calmly mentally repeating the divine verses. When he was called in he looked calm and cool and he went inside with full confidence. He was selected and to this day he says that it was the Lord who saw him through.

It is also a tested fact that one can walk through a dense jungle or even a funeral ground without fear of being troubled by spirits, snakes or animals, especially when one keeps repeating Hanuman Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa (a special prayer of the Lord in verse form).

Water energised with Hanuman Sadhana has often been poured into the mouth of ailing patients in grave pain and the results have been miraculous, for with the grace of the Lord they regained their health. For the Lord nothing is impossible, because one who can carry a whole mountain, or defeat even a great warrior like Ravan can rush with amazing alacrity when a Sadhak is in pain.

Hanuman is an epitome of celibacy, power, courage, fearlessness and complete faith. An enemy or a problem is never big or small. It is rather one's confidence that can help one overcome even the worst. And a Sadhak of Lord Hanuman is everflowing with confidence, for he ever remains aware that there is always the mighty Lord nearby to protect him.

Important Rules For This Sadhana

1. The idol of Hanuman should be smeared with a paste of vermilion and sesame seed oil.

2. Among the various sweets it is best to offer jaggery, coconut, laddus in the morning, jaggery, ghee and chapati (Indian bread) mixture (choorma) at noon and fruits like mangoes, guavas and bananas at night to the Lord.

3. Only large red and yellow flowers like lotus, sunflower and marigold should be offered.

4. A ghee lamp with one or five wicks should be lit.

5. Celibacy should be maintained during Sadhana.

6. If possible take a bath only with water from a well.

7. The Mantra should be chanted clearly, looking straight into the eyes of the Lord.

8. Sadhanas should not be tried with evil intentions.

9. Lord Hanuman signifies true devotion, hence the Sadhak should be fully devoted.

10. Having a picture of Lord Rama and Sita in the place of Sadhana pleases the Lord.

18.4.2000 is the birth day of Hanuman, and there could be no better day for Hanuman Sadhana. A Sadhana tried on this day cannot fail and the Sadhak gets the desired results very soon. Presented ahead are some wonderful rituals which could be started from this day or any Tuesday.


In the Sadhanas that follow the initial Sadhana process remains the same. Only the Sadhana material shall differ.

Wear red robes and sit facing South on a red mat in Veerasan (as Muslims sit for prayers). Cover a wooden seat with vermilion and on it place a picture of the Lord. In a copper plate place the Yantra and other materials. Next take some water in your right palm and vow thus - I (speak your name) accomplish this Sadhana for fulfillment of this task.

After this close your eyes and meditate on the mighty form of the Lord. Next chant thus -

Udyanmaartand Koti Prakat Ruchiyutam Chaaru Veeraasanastham,
Mounji Yagyopaveetaarunn Ruchir Shikhaa Shobhitam Kundalaamkam.

Bhaktaanaamishtadam Tam Prannat Munijanam Vednaad Pramodam,

Dhyaayed Nityam Vidheyam Kulpatim Goshpadi Bhootvaarim.

I pray to Lord Hanuman who is refulgent like a million suns, handsome, seated in Veerasan, who wears the sacred thread Yagyopaveet, who is worshipped even by Yogis, who is the Lord of Vaanars, who can jump over the ocean and who can fulfill all one's wishes.










Hanuman is all powerful, courageous, removes all problems and sorrows. Chanting his name is enough to fill one with courage and energy.

Before yourself place Hanuman Yantra in some plate. On it smear vermilion. Next offer a mixture of jaggery, ghee and chapati. Thereafter chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Red Coral rosary.

Om Namo Hanumantaay Aaveshay Aaveshay Swaahaa.

After completion of the Mantra recital go to sleep there itself. This Sadhana should be tried only at night and must be continued for 11 days. Let the sweet offered remain at its place. The next day put it in some utensil and offer fresh sweets.

The eleventh night Lord Hanuman without fail manifests before the Sadhak and provides solutions to the problems of the Sadhak or blesses him with desired success.

After completion of Sadhana give away the sweet collected on all eleven days to some poor person or go and bury it in the earth in South direction from your home. Sadhaks have managed to ward off acute problems, ailments and even possible incarceration through this Sadhana. Without doubt this ritual is unfailing and unique.



Several sudden occurrences in life make a human lose his sense of balance. In such circumstances one must remain determined and unmoving like a rock like Lord Hanuman. Whatever be the circumstances, however negative be the atmosphere, one needs to remain unperturbed, and capable of taking the right decision. Such a capability can be gained through the following powerful Hanuman Sadhana.

Placing a Hanuman Mudrikaa ( a special ring) before yourself chant the following Mantra daily 21 times

Om Hum Om Hum Om Hanumate Phat.

Try this daily for 5 days and after Sadhana wear the ring in some finger. After two months leave the ring in some temple in the feet of the Lord. This Sadhana shall provide you with a shield-like confidence and determination.



Place a Bajrang Yantra in some copper plate. Smear Three Madhuroopen Rudraksh with a paste of vermilion and sesame seed oil. Place one each on the right, left and in the front of the Yantra. After this chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra wit a Red Coral Rosary.

Om Namo Bhagwate Sarva Grahaan Bhoot Bhavishya Vartmaan Doorasth Sameepasthaan Chhindhi Chhindhi Bhindi Bhindi Sarva Kaal Dusht Buddhinuchchaatyo-chchaatay Par Balaan Shobhay Shobhay Mam Sarva Kaaryaanni Saadhay Saadhay. Om Namo Hanumate Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Phat. Dehi Om Shiv Siddhim Om Hraam Om Hreem Om Hroom Om Hrem Om Hroum Hrah Swaahaa.

This is a 12 day ritual and after this all the articles must be dropped in a river or pond.



Place a Hanumat Yantra before yourself and in its centre place a Maaruti Munj Phal. Then chant this Mantra for half an hour without keeping count.

Om Namo Hanumate Parkrit Yantra Mantra Paraahankaar Bhoot Pret Pishaach Par Drishti Sarva Vighna Maarjan Hetu Vidyaa Sarvogra Bhayaan Nivaaray Nivaaray Vadh Vadh Luntth Luntth Pach Pach Vilunch Vilunch Kili Kili Sarva Kuyantraanni Dushtvaacham Om Hreem Hreem Hoom Phat Swaahaa.

Repeating the Sadhana daily for seven days helps in riddance from some sudden problem. Later leave the articles in some temple.



If some foe is proving to be a great threat to your life, reputation, position, family or job or if you are caught in some court case then he can be subdued through this powerful ritual. Place a Bajrang Yantra before yourself and on its right hand side make a mound of rice grains. Then smear vermilion on a Baalaadikam Dand and place it on the mound. Then chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with a Red Coral rosary.

Om Poorva Kapimukhaay Panchmukh Hanumate Tam Tam Tam Tam Tam Sakal Shatru Sanhaarannaay Swaahaa.

Repeating this for eight consecutive days brings forth amazing results. On the ninth day leave all the articles in some secluded spot under the open sky.

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