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Garuda was the son of Vinita, the daughter of Dakshaprajapati. His father was sage Kashyapa. Free from the wordly bondages and having all the knowledge, he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was a vehicle for Lord Vishnu, he is also described in scriptures as his friend, server, flag, seat, bed and even the food. Vedas describe him as "SARVA VEDA MYA VIGRAHA" i.e. (a detached person having knowledge of all the Vedas). At one place in Shrimad Bhagwad, it is mentioned that Brihadatta and Rathamtar these 2 divisions of Samveda are in fact his 2 wings. Thus when Garuda flew, his flapping wings produced the sound of rhythmic recitation of Samaveda.

Living in the proximity of God, Garuda always remained engaged in his service. Since, he is also said to be the seat of the God, hence a depression had occurred on his back as a result of constant pressing by the God's feet. He had the fortune of being the vehicle for God. At times of war with the demons, God honoured him as the commander of the forces and left everything on him, for he is the dearest and most faithful server. Despite being a continuous server of the God, Garuda was born to Vinita, the wife of sage Kashyap. He was very faithful to his mother also. Being the son of Vinita, he also came to be known as Vainartaya. In Geeta, Lord has described him as one of his ornaments. Being a continuous server of the God, he was of great help to the devotees.

Among the 18 Puranas, one is named Garuda Purana after him. From the inspiration and grace of the lord, Garuda himself had recited this Purana before his father Kashyap. Later on Vyasaji collected this Purana and popularized it in the world.

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