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Ganesha and durva grass

The word Durva is derived from the words duhu and avam. “Duhuavam” means that which is far away and means that which brings closer. According to this meaning, Durva is that which brings the distant pure spiritual particles (pavitraks) of Lord Ganesha closer.

Legend associated with Durva


Long Long ago, a ruthless demon named Anlasur created havoc around the world. He was so terrible that the earth would tremble by his voice and his eyes used to emit fire. The Gods were not spared either. He would swallow saints, sages and innocent people alive. There was terror all around.  Indra, tried to control Anlasur several times by engaging him in battle. However, there was no respite. Anlasur was beyond Indra’s control.

Panic stricken by Anlasur’s terror, all the gods went to Lord Shankar for help. He revealed that only Sri Ganesha could help them. Sri Ganesh was pot-bellied and could swallow Anlasur. There was enough space in his belly to accommodate the demon.  So all the gods prayed to Ganesha so he would rescue them from the clutches of Analasura. Pleased by the prayers, Sri Ganesh agreed to help them.
Lord Ganesha took the form of a small boy and started “Sarvkasha” war.  Analasura’s powerful eyes oozed out fireballs and destroyed surroundings of Ganesha.  A tough battle ensued between  Ganesha and Analasura during which Ganesha assumed his “Virat Roop” and swallowed Analasura.


However, the heat from the stomach started causing much agony to Lord Ganesha.  He  became restless and could not even lie down.  Many things were tried, Lord Indra gave Sri Ganesha the moon to wear on his forehead so that he could be cooled off ( this is why Ganesha is also known as Balachandra).  Lord Vishnu gave his lotus therefore Ganesha is also known as “Padmapani”. Lord Shankara removed a cobra from his neck and tied it to Ganesha’s hip. Lord Varuna, Rain God showered plenty of water, however nothing worked and Ganesha continued to suffer the heat.

At that time 88,000 sages reached and each one performed archana over Sri Ganesha with 21 Durva grass each and miraculously Ganesha was cured.    Ganesha said – “whoever with devotion offer me Durva would be pious and get Punya.”

What type and how many Durva should be offered to Lord Ganesha?

Effect of Durva on a woman having distress by negative energy

For Durvarchan,Ganesha Sahasranamavali is recited along with Durva with three or five leaflets is offered after every name. They are called durvankur. The middle leaflet of durvankur attracts the Principle of Primal Ganesh and the other two leaflets attract Primal Shiva and Primal Shakti Principles. The minimum number of Durva to be offered to Sri Ganesh ji should be 21. Tie the Durva together and offer them to Sri Ganesh ji after dipping into water. The entire idol of Sri Ganesh ji excluding the face should be covered with Durva. Thus the fragrance of Durva spreads around the idol.  As a result of the durvarchan done in this manner, the Ganesh Principle is attracted to the venue of the worship in higher proportion. The Nirgun frequencies of Principles of Deities are attracted in the idol. These frequencies are transformed into Sagun frequencies in Sri Ganesh idol and they are then emitted through the idol because of which the worshipper gets more benefit.

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