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Gaja Laxmi

Gaja Laxmi

by Mantra & shlokas on Friday, July 16, 2010 at 1:04pm

Lakshmi is the symbolic diety of wealth, on earth, specially in India and is worshipped as such. In the hymns of Rigveda, "Sree Suktam" is a hymn to Lakshmi. There are eight modes of worshipping Lakshmi depending on the desired outcome. Asta Lakshmis : Dhanalakshmi-for wealth and prosperity, Gajalakshmi-for fulfillment of desires, Aadilakshmi-for victory, Vijayalakshmi-for victory in work, Aishwaryalakshmi- for all kinds of wealth, Veeralakshmi -for health,courage and power, Dhaanyalakshmi-for good harvest and Santaanalakshmi-for children.

Eight Lakshmis:

Sri Aadhi Lakshmi, Sri Dhanya Lakshmi, Sri Dhairya Lakshmi, Sri Gaja Lakshmi, Sri Santhana Lakshmi, Sri Dhana Lakshmi, Sri Vijaya Lakshmi and Sri Vidya Lakshmi.

A man who possesses Ashtaishwaryam is called a Poorna Purusha.

Ashtaishwaryam: [ashta: eight + aishwarya: wealth]
Eight kinds of wealth:

1. Shakti, power,

2. Adhipatya, sovereignty,

3.Upanivesha, inhabiting the earth with living beings,

4. Vibhava, exalted position,

5. Dhana, material wealth,

6. Badappana, supremacy,

7. Sarvashakti matta, omnipotence,

8. sarva vyapakata, omnipresence.

Ashta daridrya: [ashta: eight + daridrya: poverty] Eight types of poverties:

1. Lack of children,
2. Lack of valor,
3. Lack of victory,
4. Lack of money,
5. Lack of grandeur,
6. Lack of food,
7. Lack of auspiciousness and
8. Lack of grace of Adi Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

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