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The Avatars of Vishnu & Shiva & Devastras

Vishnu, the Inconceivable Supreme, periodically takes birth, an Avatar upon earth to destroy evil and deliver the pious. He is also the refuge of the Devas in their battles against Asuras.
The most martial Avatars include Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Vamana, Narasimha, Parshuram, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Balarama (Is not an Avatar of Vishnu, but an Avatar of Adi-Sesha, who has the presence of Sankarshana roopa (form) of Vishnu) and Kalki.
  • Narayanastra: The personal missile weapon of Vishnu in his Narayana form, this astra lets loose a powerful tirade of millions of deadly missiles simultaneously. The intensity of the shower increases with resistance. The only solution is total submission before the missile, given which it will stop. The Narayanastra was first used by Lord Rama in the 'Ramayana'. Then, thousands of years later, this astra was again used by Ashwatthama in the Mahabharata war against the Pandava army.
  • Vaishnavastra: The personal missile weapon of Vishnu, once fired it cannot be thwarted by any means, save by the will of Vishnu Himself. This astra was used by King Bhagadatta, son of Narakasura and King of Prajyogsta (modern day Burma) in the Mahabharata war against Arjuna. This Vaisnhavastra was stopped by Shri Krishna himself as Arjun couldn't stop it even with his most powerful weapons.
  • Kaumodaki: The divine mace weapon of Vishnu; invincible and without parallel.
  • Sudarshana Chakra: The magical chakra, a spinning disc with sharp outer spears. The Sudarshan flies at the command of Vishnu, spinning away to tear off the heads of His opponents, or to perform any function desired by Vishnu. It was most famously used by His Avatar Krishna in the Mahabharata.
  • Nandaki: The Sword of Lord Vishnu.
  • Saranga: The Celestial Bow of Lord Vishnu.

<span class=" fbUnderline">Shiva</span>
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Mahadeva literally means "
Highest of all god". Shiva is also known as Maheshvar, the great Lord, Mahadeva, the great God, Shambhu, Hara, Pinakadhrik, bearer of the axe and Mrityunjaya, conqueror of death. He is the spouse of Shakti, the goddess. He also is represented by Mahakala and Bhairava, the terrible, as well as many other forms including Rudra. Shiva is often pictured holding the damaru (sound file .wav format: 190K), an hour-glass shape drum, shown below with his trishula. His usual mantra is Om Namah Shivaya. The Lord Destroyer, Sarvaripati Shiva is the most fearsome manifestation of the Supreme God. Assigned with destroying all of the universe at the end of time, Shiva is the most fearsome warrior, unconquerable by any and all.
  • Pashupata: Discharged by the mind, eyes, words or a bow, the Pashupata is the irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of Shiva. Never to be used against lesser enemies and by lesser warriors, the Pashupata is capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings.
<span class=" fbUnderline">Devastras</span>
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An Astra is a missile-type weapon which is to be hurled at an enemy. Examples include arrows from bows. A Shastra is a personal weapon, like swords and maces, that must be constantly operated by the warrior.
  • Brahmadanda : This is the most powerful weapon in the universe. It contained the spiritual power of the 7 greatest sages of Hinduism.
No other weapon in the universe be it the Brahmastra, Pashupatastra, Brahmasira, Amoghashakti, Vajra, Narayanaastra, Vaishnavastra or even the Sudharshana Chakra can hold cradle to it. This astra is the most powerful weapon of Lord Brahma.
  • Pashupatastra: It is believed in Hindu mythology that Pashupatastra is one of the most devastating weapon as it is the weapon of Godhead Mahadeva. Mahadeva literally means "Highest of all god". The weapon granted to Arjuna by Lord Shiva is one of the most destructive & forbidden weapon in The Mahabharata. It is said to have the power to change the course of Creation and Destruction.
  • Narayanastra: Invincible painful astra only way to conquer is submission to this most powerful astra.
  • Brahmashir Astra: A weapon capable of greater destruction than the Brahmastra. It is said to be evolution of brahmastra. It can burn all creation to ashes once discharged. Gifted by Brahma
  • Brahmastra: Imbibed with the mystical force of Creator Brahma, this is considered the most fearsome weapon in mythological works. The releaser of millions of missiles, great fires and a destructive potential capable of extinguishing all creation, if not used by and aimed only at a celestial fighter. Modern speculation has equated its destructive nature to be similar to that of a nuclear weapon.
  • Nagastra: The snake weapon, used by Karna against Arjuna in Kurukshetra war. It is considered as next only to Brahmastra. It has a fame that it never misses its target.
  • Shakti: The magical dart weapon of Indra, unfailing at executing its target. Indra granted it to Karna during the Kurukshetra war. The Mahabharata also refers to it as the Amoghastra.
  • Vajra: The thunderbolt weapon of Indra, who is the God of Thunder and Lightning, akin to Zeus and Jupiter in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Agniyastra: The fire weapon, incepted by God Agni, master of the flames.
  • Varunastra: The water weapon, incepted by God Varuna, master of the oceans, rivers and lakes.
  • Vayavastra: The wind weapon, incepted by God Vayu, master of wind.
Although the power astras are said to be capable of destroying creation they did not harm Krishna or Vishnu or Shiva or Brahma. Because all of them are the impersonification of God.

  • Trishula: The terrifying trident-staff of Shiva
  • Pinakin: The bow of Shiva
  • Tandava: Is the dance of the Destroyer, which He performs over the body of a demon, and simultaneously destroys all creation, all beings, material and illusion alike: the ultimate martial art.
Shiva employs his power to kill the Asura Tripura, destroying the flying three cities of Tripura. He is restrained and not involved in the wars of the worlds prior to dissolution.


  1. can you tell me the mantra of the astras?

  2. U can't know its a brahmin hymn, can only be accessed by a person with divine powers and divine lineage

  3. U can't know its a brahmin hymn, can only be accessed by a person with divine powers and divine lineage

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