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All gods are the symbolic representations of natural energies

All gods are the symbolic representations of natural energies

by Mantra & shlokas on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 2:05pm

All Hindu Gods are the symbolic representations of various energies,
activities of the day to day life of the human beings. If they are
understood to the inner level true meaning one can find out that all
religions are describing only one thing, the God or the Super soul.

First system:

Lord Siva means Jeeva (the life force). Goddess Sakthi means energy.
The basic meaning is if you are having life you will have energy.
Siva has given His left side to her represents the blood and the heart
is the main source of energy.

His eldest son Ganapathy

(meaning the origin of all living beings)
represents the moolathara of the body (the sexual glands). He is
having the elephant head and his vehicle (vahanam) is moonjuru.
(one of the species of rat). It describes that even though He is having
a small vehicle he is doing powerful things. Naturally one can
understand that the sexual organs are the reason for crores and
crores of living beings.

His youngest son Lord Subrahmaniam which means white stones.
(subra means white and mani means round shaped stone). He is
in mountains (places of height). It represents the Penial gland of the
body (which is in the head) (which is in height). Penial gland is white
and is round in shape. One can easily understand that the penial gland is in
height and He symbolically represents the knowledge.
If you wish that your life force and health is important then pray Lord
Siva and Sakthi to get the longevity, health and energy to live in
this world.

Second system:

Lord Vishnu (narayanan) symbolizes the worldly pleasures. Narayanan
means the best man among the human births. His wife Lakshmi (origin for
luxurious) is the goddess for the wealth. He is lying in a bed of Adisheshan
(the old and ancient snake). It is having five heads represent five senses.
If you wish to get the wealth and to live comfortably then pray the
Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Third system:

Lord Brahma symbolizes wisdom. His wife Saraswathi is the goddess
for knowledge. Both are sitting in a lotus with thousand petals.
(symbolizes the brain (sahasraram). Saraswathy is playing Veena a
musical instrument (represents the knowledge.)
If you wish to get the knowledge then pray Lord Brahma and Saraswathi.
What people has done in due course is they think that knowledge is not
so important as life and wealth they forget the Brahma and Saraswathi.
Brahma and Saraswathi are in the prahar (the path around the sanctum
sanctoriam) of the temples of Siva. One
or two separate temples are there for them now. But now people give
importance to education and knowledge also and they begin to pray
these deities also.

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