Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Why people still see difference between Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu?

 Sanatana Dharma established by Adi Sankara preaches us that Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu are One and the Same."""SHIVAYA VISHNU ROOPAAYA; SHIVA ROOPAAYA VISHNAVAE :SHIVASCHA HRUDAYAM VISHNU ; VISHUSCHA HRUDAYAM SHIVAHA :ETA SHIVA MAYOR VISHUNUHU ; EVAM, VISHNUMAYASCH SHIVAHA:ETANTRAM NA PASHCHAYAAMI THATA ME SWASTIRAAYUSHI """In Tamil also, there is famous Saying ::--Hariyum Sivanum Onnu ;Ariyaadhavar vaayil mannu .Even knowing all these, some ""learned and knowledgeable"" persons still think and preach as if Both are of Different Forms and having different qualities.God or Paramatma is only one, and we worship that God as Father, Mother or Teacher of the Universe. The Vedic religion, which is popularly known as Hindu religion, emphasizes this fact

Hinduism is the oldest living religious tradition in the world and is also known as Sanatana Dharma and Vedic Dharma. It is not a single religion but a set of different schools of thought and traditions. Hinduism is a mixture of many religious rituals, sects and philosophies and all of them are different from each other in different parts of India. Majority of Hindus follow the Vedanta philosophy of one God (Brahman) who is worshipped in many forms like Vishnu, Siva, Durga, etc.

Different schools of Hinduism follow different paths or means for salvation. The four main paths that most of the schools follow are: the path of devotion- "Bhakti", the path of action-"Karma", the path of meditation- "Raja" and the path of enlightenment- "Jnana". The basis of Hindu philosophy is that all souls that are born from Brahman (Cosmic Spirit) finally merge with it.

Lord Vishnu is milk; Lord Siva is Yogurt from the Brahma-Samhita ., Just as milk is transformed into curd by the action of acids, but yet the effect curd is neither same as, nor different from, its cause, viz., milk, so I adore the primeval Lord Govinda of whom the state of Śambhu (Siva) is a transformation for the performance of the work of destruction

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