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Who is the wife of MahaVishnu or Lord Sri Krishna in Vaikunth dham?

Both Sridevi (Mahalakshmi) and Boomadevi (Earth goddess) are the Vishnupatnis at Vaikundham.

Krishna is the avadar of Lord Mahavishnu and so only Mahavishnu is at Vaikundham. Many of the vishnu temples you can see both the Vishnupatnis Sridevi and Boomadevi. Vishnu Suktam (on Vishnu) , SrI Suktam (on Mahalakshmi), Bhu Suktam ( on Boomadevi) are vedic texts on Vishnu and His patnis. Vedanta Desika's Sri Stuti and Bhu Stuti are hymn on both visnupatnis.

Reference 1: 'Bhu Stuti', Verse 33 (By Vedanta desika)

"asye shaanaa jagata iti yaa shruuyate VISHNUPATNI tasyaaH stotram virachitamidam venkateshena bhaktyaa. shraddhaa bhakti prachaya gurunaa chetasaa samstuvaano yadyath kaamyam sapadi labhate tatra tatra pratishthaamh"

Reference 2 ( meaning for above): The Vedas proclaim that Bhu Devi, who is (also the other) Consort of Vishnu, is the Goddess of the whole world (அஸ்யேசாநா ஜகதோ விஷ்ணுபத்நீ). She is the addressee of this sthothra, which has been composed with devotion by Venkatesa. As phala sruti, the author says that one who recites this hymn with dedication and devotion will derive all that he desires with immediate and permanent effect.

Reference 3: According to the Vishnu Purana, Lakshmi is the daughter of Bhrigu and Khyaati and resided in Swarga but due to the curse of Durvasa, she left Swarga and made Ksheersagara her home. The reappearance of Lakshmi after Samudra manthan and her marriage to Vishnu took plce thereafter.

Reference 4: When the great sea of Vaikunda, the Thiruparkadal was churned, Lakshmi devi and Thulasi devi emerged out from the sea.

Lord Narayana, placed Mahalakshmi in his heart. Thulasi devi too wanted to marry Lord Narayana. So, he guided her to become a thulasi plant where Maharishi Markandeya performed penance. She came to Thirunageswaram near Kumbakonam. After a long period of hard pennance Lord Narayana gave her the wife post. Lord Narayana gave Mahalakshmi a place in his heart but he gave Thulasi devi a very special opportunity (ie) Thilasi devi has permanently got the place as a garland around his neck.

So internally Mahalakshmi blesses us and externally Thulasi devi blesses us. From then Thulasi is considered as a sacred herb and has lots of medicinal values it it.

Markandeya Maharishi is the son of Mrikantu Maharishi and he had the wounderful opportunity of having dharsan of both Mahavishnu and Lord Shiva in his life time.

He prayed hard to Lord Vishnu, asking him to grant him Bhoomidevi as his daughter and his wish was granted.One day he found Bhoomidevi as a two year old child under the Thulasi plant in the forest in Thirunageswaram.

Days went day by day and one day, Lord Vishnu came as an old Brahmin. Markandeya Maharishi gave him a very hearty welcome the aged Brahmin wanted to marry Bhoomi devi. But, Markandeya Maharishi tried to explain him that his daughter was too young to marry.

But the Brahmin refused to accept his reasons and blackmailed him that if he did not have Bhoomi devi as his wife he would die on the spot.

Maharishi pleaded him to leave his child. He told him that his daughter was not yet fit for marriage mentally and physically. She did not even know how to cook food with proper proportion of salt. But the old man unable to be convinced. So, Maharishi asked his daughter to accept for the marriage. She started crying and told her father that she too would die if her father compelled her to marry the old man.

Now, Markandeya Maharishi was caught in fix. He pleaded Mahavishnu to get him out of the problem. Internally he knelt before the Lord and caught his feet and prayed hard to solve his problem.

When Maharishi woke from Dhyanam (Prayer), instead of aged Brahmin he found Lord Mahavishnu clad in most beautiful clothing with one hand in his hip and the other seeking Bhoomi devi's hand for marriage.

Bhoomi devi was very happy and was ready to accept Lord Mahavishnu as her husband. Markandeya Maharishi too was very happy.

So on the day of Sravana Natchatram of the Tamil Month Aipasi Lord Mahavishnu married Bhoomidevi. The grand occassion was graced by Lord Brahma and all the celestial persons (ie) devars. Even than Markanteya Maharishi felt sad due to his boundless towards his daughter. He feared that his daughter might not know the correct quantity of salt for dishes. So he asked Lord Mahavishnu three boons:

1. O! Lord you should take dishes without salt in this place. But the dishes should taste wounderful to you and your devotees.

2. You should never leave my daughter alone, you have to STAY WITH HER FOREVER.

3. This place should be named after me.

Hence, from the onwards, Lord Vishnu takes food without salt and so he is called Oppiliappan (ie) Uppu - illatha - appan literally without salt.

So, even today Lord Oppiliappan takes food without salt.

Reference 5: Bhu + Bhuva + Sva = Maha Here Bhu: = Bhudevi , the earth or prithvi Bhuva: = NILA devi Sva: = Sri devi Maha: = Narayana or Vishnu

The Vedas speak of three consorts to Vishnu, Sri, Bhu and NiLa. There are three suktams as part of Pancha Suktam and the three suktams are Sri suktam, Bhu suktam and NiLa suktam. While the first is part of Rig veda, the other two are found in Yajur veda.

The Bhu devi described in Bhu suktam is “HIRANYAGARBHINI”, the one who is capable of fulfilling all our wishes ( sarva siddhyai). She is described as not just the land form but also as one who has the waters and the air (jalasayani, vaayumati). That is why we say that Bhudevi contains all that is within or on her. This includes the chetana and the achetana also as per Narayana suktam. For our understanding we consider her as a physical manifestation.

The NiLa is not much known or discussed one by our elders and our Aacharyas. She is supposed to have been born as Nappinna in Krishna avatara to win whose hand, Krishna fought and subdued 7 bulls.

The description in the very small NiLa suktam gives some idea of what this NiLa is with our little knowledge of science. Here I bring in the aurora lights seen in the north and south poles. The NiLa is described in the suktam as belonging to prithvi. She has permanent directions. She creates fear by authority of the sun. And she is the wife of Vishnu.

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