Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vastu for a home Science of placement

The house built according to Vastu Shastra, adds to the peace of the domestic life. Some of the important guidelines are listed below:
  1. Prefer a square or a rectangular plot.
  2. Corners on Northwest, Southwest and SouthEast should not be longer.
  3. Northeast corner may be longer.
  4. Ground level should be higher on south and West Side, lower on North and East.
  5. Floor of the house should be at higher level than road on North, East or North Eastern side, pits, low levels on south East, SouthWest and Northwest are bad and should be avoided.
  6. Avoid the site where the road leads into the house, excepts if it is in NorthEast direction.
  7. Ground level should slope downward from south to North and West to East.
  8. Water should flow from south to North and West to East.PREFERRED ROOM CONSTRUCTION
    1. Stove in the kitchen should be in the SouthEast and Cooking to be done facing East.
    2. In the bed room pillows should not be in North side, Almirahs, stage and sitting arrangements in the Dining room (chairs) to be kept near South or West direction facing North or East.
    3. Avoid keeping heavy material in the North East side of any room.
    4. Well, bore-well or sump should be in North or East side in the North East corner. North Est is preferred for water tank and toilet. Toilet should not be on the East side. Garbage should not be collected in the East side.
    Summarizing the above, prayer room in North East, Bath room in East, Kitchen in south East, store between East and South East, bedroom in south west, and between North and North West, Toilet in North West,
    Dinning in West reading room between West and South West, heavy materials in South West.
    More open space should be left in the east, North and NorthEast direction.
    Less open space should be left in the West. South and South East Directions ideally there should be a main door on each of the four sides North, East, South and West. In case there are three, then North, South and
    East or West and in case of two, East and West or South and West, in case of one it should be East or South
    and not in West or North.
    Number of doors, windows and ventilators should be even in number other than 10.20,30 or odd numbers. Doors should face exactly North, East, South or West and not the corners

    1. Be the brightest pearl in the ocean of wisdom.
    2. When a man is free from the clutches of the Ego and its desires, in whatever field of activity he may be engaged, Karma cannot bind him.
    3. You are chains, for you are a prisoner of desires, break them and you are free.
    4. God’s grace is form him who has developed a mountain of patience and prays to Him only for devotion and nothing else.
    5. You cannot dislike people and expect God’s grace to come to you.
    6. Put yourself into His hands and what a wonderful lustre your life takes.
    7. Give up critising others.
    8. Universal love is not a thing to be believed or not believed, he who possesses a universal vision spontaneously lives it.
    9. Be a blazing flame of Truth
      Be a beauteous blossom of love.
      Be a soothing balm of peace.
    10. The man of true vision acts without regard to the praise or blame of the world, because he finds joy in the action itself.
    11. Let your eyes look with kindliness, your tongue speak with mildness and your hand touch with softness.
    12. The secret of true joy lies in self-sacrifice and not in self-seeking.
    13. Life is a beautiful gift of God. It is intended to be placed at His feet as a dedicated flower.
    14. The greatest virtue that shines forth in all its splendor in the Devotee is forgiveness.
    15. To suffer calmly, act nobly and live peacefully is the purpose of life.
    16. Love is not love, if it does not serve and sacrifice.
    17. What an error of reasoning "I" takes credit for good actions and throws the blame on "YOU" for wrong actions, or in other words, when a sin is committed God is made responsible as the doer, but when a good act is performed, the credit is claimed by "I" as doer. Either say God is making you do all acts, good or bad, or say all is due to your"KARMA".
    18. The spider spreads its web and becomes ensnared and consequently suffers, similarly, man also builds his world by his desires and suffers because he is bound to it.
    19. Die to the body and die to the mind, the double death will conquer death.
    20. Youth is a blunder, man hood a struggle, old age is a regret.
    21. To follow desires is to wander from death to death.
    22. What is beautiful is not always good, but what is good is always beautiful.
    23. Experience is a comb, which one gets when one goes bald.
    24. The disease of man is this: that neglect their own fields and go to weed the fields of others.
    25. Words kill more then the sword. Use words very carefully.
    26. Man regrets often that he spoke but never that he kept silent.
    27. To give is a better bargain than to get
    28. Prayer should be key of the day and lock of the night.
    29. No man is rich enough to buy back his past.
    30. Why fear when I am Here?
      Put all your faith in ME OUR LORD
      I shall guide and guard you.
    31. The way to emancipation is two-fold
      Meditation - in silence, and
      Compassion, selfless service.
    32. You have no more rights to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without earning it.

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