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Varahi Nigrahashatkam

Who is Mahavarahi?

Annai Maha Varahi resides in the Sri Chakra in the 16th Pragaram. She is a symbol of purity, peace and prosperity.  She emerged from the Angusam (weapon) of Devi Sri Lalitha Parameshwari.  She is the commander of the battalion of Sri RajaRajeshwari.  Varahi is one of the Saptha Mathrukas - Seven Divine mothers.  Varahi is classified as the fifth among the seven “Mother-like” divinities (Saptmatrukas) and hence called Panchami.
She protects the devotees against all odds and guides him/her along the right path.  One who worships her will be relieved from evil forces.  Sri RajaRajeswari took the incarnation of Sri Maha Varahi to eliminate the cruel demon Pandasura.
GIRI CHAKRAM  is the name of Varahi's Radham. Varahi Ambal is also called as:
Aswaruda  Varahi Devi Bagtha Varahi Devi Dhandini Varahi Devi     
Unmantha Varahi Devi
Panjami Varahi Devi     Lagu Varahi Devi Swapna Varahi Devi
Dandanatha Varahi Devi
Varthali Varahi Devi
Aswaruda Varahi Devi
Madu Varahi Devi Dhumra Varahi Devi
Manthrani Varahi Devi
Divinity manifests from age to age in the human form in order to re-establish Dharma (righteousness) and to guide all mankind back to the righteous path and to guide all mankind to the path of inner self. Goddess Sri Maha Varahi is one such manifestation.

She has deep beauty that gleams from inside her soul and will warm every one with her energy . She is a boar headed Goddess portrayed as sitting on a Lion. Her black complexion symbolizes her transcendental nature. She is a Minerva – goddess of wisdom and beauty . She is the celestial beauty with eight hands Each hand has a Sangu, Chakram, Gadhai, Kadgam, Mushalam, Damaragam, Abayavaradam and Ulakkai. She is draped in 'Silk Robes and Jewellery'.

Worshipping her, a faithful devotee becomes a pure refined soul. Since she is an epitome of Gnana (Knowledge) worshipping her will encourage oneself to attain knowledge in abundance which is the stepping stone for success in life.

She is the epitome of Rajarajeshwari. She has been patiently and gracefully waiting to reveal herself with her heart ready to receive us.

Varahi Nigrahashtakam
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Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Devi, kroda mukhithwadangri kamala dwandwa anurakthathmane,
Mahyam druhyathi yo mahesi manasa kayenna vacha nara,

Thasyasu thwadaogra nishtoorahala gatha prabhootha vyadha,
Paryasyan manaso bhavanthu vapusha prana prayanonmukha., 1

Hey goddess, Who is with a very angry face,
Since I have devotion to your lotus like feet,
Any one who thinks of troubling me, by body, words or mind,
Should become extremely sad, beaten by your very dangerous iron plough,
And should become one from whose body the soul starts to depart.

Devi thwad pada padma bhakthi vibhava praksheena dushkarmani,
Pradhur bhootha nrusamsa bhava malinam, vruthim vidathe mayi,

Yo dehi bhuvane thadheeya hrudayannir gathwarair lohithai,
Sadhya poorayase karabhja chashakam, vanchaphalair mamapi., 2

Hey goddess because I have lost all sins due to devotion to your lotus like feet,
He who observes dirty behavior towards me due to cruelty,
Should fill your drinking goblet by the blood of his heart,
And also please grant me all my desired objectives.

Chandothunda vidheerna dushta hrudaya prad binna raktha cchata,
Halapana madhattahasa ninadhatopa prathapathkatam,

Matharmath paripandhi namapahruthai, pranaisthwadangridhwayam,
Dhyanoddamara vaibhavodaya vasath, sandharpayami kshaanath., 3

Because of meditating on you, after the great wonderful,
Powers which have dawned in me,
I offer at your feet the souls of my evil enemies, which were stolen by me,
By drinking the alcohol of their constant spurt of blood,
Caused by breaking the hearts of my enemies by your fierce and upturned face,
Accompanied by horrifying shouts which,
Emanates due to your zest from you from time to time.

Shyamam thamarasananaamgri nayanam somardha choodam jagath,
Thrana vyagra halayudhaagramusalam santhra samudhravareem,

Ye thwam raktha kapalineem hara varaarohe varahananam,
Bhavai sandhadathe kadham kshanamapi prananthi thesham dwisham., 4

How can the enemies of those extremely devoted to you.
Who is black, who has lotus like feet and face,
Who wears the crescent of the moon,
Who caries with her a plough and an axe
As well the sign of terrorizing fear,
Who carries blood dripping skulls,
And who has the face of a wild boar,
Live for at least a few seconds?

Viswadheeswara vallabhe vijayase yaa thwam niyanthrathmika,
Bhoothaanam purushayushaavdhi karee paka pradha karmanaam,

Thwam yache bhavatheem kimapya vithadham ko madhvirodhi jana,
Sthyayurmama vanchithavadhi bhaven mathasthavaivagnaya., 5

Victory to you, Mother, who is,
The darling of the lord of the universe,
Who controls the lives of all beings,
Who also exists as the killer of all beings,
Who controls the span of life of all men,
And who grants suitable rewards for action performed.
I request you Oh Goddess, that the life span of my enemies,
Should be as long as I desire, based on your orders.

Matha samyagupasithum jadamathisthwam naiva saknomyaham,
Yadhapya anwitha daisikangri kamalanukrosa pathrasya may,

Jandhu kaschana chinthayathya kusalam yasthasya thadvaisasam,
Bhooya devi virodhino mama cha they sreya pada sangina., 6

Oh mother, as I am a fool, I am not capable of,
Properly worshipping you at any time,
Still having received the blessings of my guru,
I pray that any one who wishes bad things for me,
Should go to hell as he is my enemy,
And also pray that all the fame should come to me,
As I am a great devotee of yours.

Varahi vyadha mana manasa galath soukhyam thadasa balim,
Seedantham yama prakruthadhya vasitham prapthakhilolpathitham,

Kranthath bandhu janai kalam kitha kalam kandavrunodhyath krumeem,
Pasyami prathiakshamasu pathitham brantham ludantham muhoo., 7

Hey Varahi, I who am devoted to you,
Should see my enemy with a sad mind,
Full of disappointment, very feeble and tired,
Made scared by the servants of god of death,
Full of all miseries and liabilities,
Surrounded by crying relatives,
And only contributing blemishes to his family.

Varahi thwamasesha janthushu puna pranathmika spandhase,
Shakthi vyaptha charachara khalu yathasthwamethadhabhyarthaye,

Thwath padambhuja sangino mama sukruth papam chikeershayanthi ye,
Thesham mama kuru Sankara priyathame, dehantharava sthitham., 8
Hey Varahi, Because of the fact that,
By your own power you have spread yourself,
In all beings and you exist as the form,
Of Soul in all beings and make them throb,
I request a favour from you,
If any one wishes any bad things on me,
Who is the devotee of your lotus like feet,
You should not live within him any further,

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