Thursday, 7 July 2011

Story of King Bharat

India is our forefathers land. It is also our spiritual land where our Dharma, Hindu Dharma, flourished. Indias true and ancient name is Bharat. Do you know how our spiritual land was named as “Bharat”? Well!! There lived a great and brave king namely Bharat. Our spiritual land was named after him. There is a wonderful story about the birth of king Bharat.

Bharat was the son of a king Dushyant and Shakuntala. Dushyant was the king of Hastinapur; and ancestors of kaurava and pandavas. Once, hunting in the forest, he saw a beautiful lady Shakuntala. He married to her as both liked each other. Then, King Dushyant had to leave for his kingdom. He promised Shakuntala that he would come later and take her to his kingdom Hastinapur.

Then, somehow, King Dushyant completely forgot Shakuntala. He did not even recognise Shakuntala when she went to Hastinapur to see him. Thereafter, sad and disheartened Shakuntala started living with sage Marich in his ashram. Here, unknown to King Dushyant, She gave birth to a son named Bharat. He was a very brave child. He was not afraid of anyone or anything. Bharat played with lion cubs everyday.

Dushyant had forgotten his wife Shakuntala and had no idea that he had a son. Once, Dushyant happened to pass by the ashram. He watched a little boy playing with a lion cub. The boy opened the lions jaws by his hands and said, “O king of the jungle ! Open your mouth wide, so I can count your teeth.” Dushyant was very astonished by the childs bravery. Later Shakuntala came there and Dushyant realised that Bharat was his son. He was overjoyed at this and hugged Bharat lovingly. Dushyant took Shakuntala and Bharat along with him to Hastinapur. Later Bharat grew into a great king. Our countrys true name is Bharat (pronounced Bhaarat), named after him. Bharat is remembered by all for
his bravery.

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