Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sri Valmeekeswarar - Ramalingeeswarar Alayam

This week’s Podcast is about “Sri Sarvamangala Sametha  PalliKondeswarar Alayam, Surutapalli” .The Pallikondeswara temple in Surutapalli, near Chennai, is unique because it is only at this place that Lord Siva is seen resting His head on the lap of Goddess Parvathi.

This village is on the Chennai-Tirupati route and can be reached easily from Puthur which is about 8 km. (Some of the APSRTC buses stop just outside the temple. A person travelling from Chennai has to cross Poondi and Uthukottai. Surutapalli is midway between Uthukotai and Nagalapuram.)

Rajagopuram is small compared to other temples, but its beauty is rich.  The temple is crowded on Pradosham day, participating in the pradosha puja brings immense satisfaction and pleasure.

Entering the main sanctum sanctorum, we find Lord Shiva in reclined posture (6 feet).  His Head is slightly slanted and kept on the lap of Goddess Parvati, holding deer in one hand and conch in the other hand, another hand in abhya mudra surrounded by Margandeya Mharshi, other Rishis, Sanagathi Munis, Nandikeshwarar with Veena, Lord Subrahmanya, His Consorts and Lord Ganapathy sitting down.

Normally Lord Shiva is not seen in any temples dedicated to Him in India in reclined posture - whereas Lord Vishnu cane be seen in Sri Rangam, Sri Rangapatnam and Trivandrum.  To arrest the uneasiness, He rested for a few seconds in the lap of Goddess Parvathi (again to show the world that nothing is achieved without tribulations and sufferings.Benefits of Praying Him at this hour include peace, sakala sowbhagyams, spiritual tranquility, promotion, getting back lost wealth, clearing of obstacles in marriage proposals, union of separated couples etc.

Darshan Time: 6.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.  4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

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