Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sri Krishna approaches Yama

You may be surprised to know that even God has to go to school! Yes, when he is born on earth, taking the form of a human child, what else will he do? He has to get his education. Sri Krishna, who was an "incarnation" or avatar of the Lord, had a schoolteacher whose name was Sandipani. When the only son of Sandipani and his wife fell ill and died, Krishna felt their sorrow deep in his heart.

Sandipani and his wife both knew that Krishna, their brilliant pupil, had divine power. So they begged him to restore their son to life. Sri Krishna's love and regard for them was so great that he went straight to Yama, the King of Death, and said to him, "I know that it is you who have charge of the souls of the dead. In the matter of death, everyone must bow to you. But do you know who has appointed you and where your power comes from? It really comes from Me, for I am not the schoolboy that you see: I am none other than the Supreme Person, Lord of the Universe and Master of its power.

Therefore I ask you for the soul of Sandipani's son."

And Yama, recognizing his Master and saluting him, brought the boy back to lifY

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