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Bhavinyaa dasayaa bhavan iha bhava dvamsaaya na: kalpathaam
Kalkee vishNuyasa: sutha: kali kathaa kaalushya koolankasha: /
Nis sesha kashtaha kanTakE kshithi thalE dharaa jaloughair dhruvam
Dharmam kaartha yugam prarOhayathi yath nistrimsa dhaaraadhara: //

“The Lord who presents Himself to us now in Archaa form is sure to reappear later on in the form of Kalki, being born as the son of a Brahmin called VishNuyasas. To put an end to the present calamitous Yuga, with a blazing sword on hand and riding a horse, He will exterminate all evil, re-establish Dharma and make the golden age spring forth again as if watered by His compassion. May He get rid of our pangs of Samsaara”

As his is the apocalyptic incarnation, no background story is available. Yet, this is the only Avataaram described by Swami Desika with some detail like the name of Lord’s father as “VishNuyasas”.

KALKI AVATAR  (The Apocalyptic Redeemer)
1. The Avataras mentioned earlier happened in the earlier yugas. This Avataara is expected to take place at the fag end of Kaliyuga. The present Yuga is KALIYUGA.

2. After Lord Krishna’s ascent to Paramapadam at the end of Dvapra Yuga, evil forces started raise their ugly head. Vishnu Puraana gives a graphic account of how evil forces would attain supremacy and virtuous people would
3. We are said to be in the 5102nd year (as of 2001-2002) out of the total of 432,000 years of the KALIYUGA.  The Kali Yuga is said to come to and end after 426,898 years. During this period, the evil forces would progressively gain control and destroy all good ones by the time Kaliyuga comes to a close.
4. BRAHMA is believed to have told NARADA about all the Avatars including the apocalyptic KALKI AVATAR.
5. According to Puranas, when the evil becomes unbearable, Lord Vishnu will be born in a village called 'SAMBALAM' on the banks of Ganges as the son of a Brahmin couple called VISHNUYASAS and SUMATHI.
6. He will be riding a white horse called “kalkam (karkam) and wielding a sharp sword will traverse the entire Universe in three nights weeding out all evil forces and establishing a Krita yuga back again -thus being the harbinger of the 'Golden Age' on earth.
7. May the Lord who now appears to us in Archaa form and who is going to take this form of Kalki put an end to our cycle of births and deaths in Samsaara.
8. Kalikathaa kaalushya koolankasha: refers to the destruction of evil
9. Dharmam Kaarthayugam refers to the establishment and revival of Dharma
10. “Nistrimsa dhaaraadhara:” is suggestive of the gushing waters of Ganga (also known as “Tripathaka” due to its fanning and flowing out as Ganga proper, Jamuna and the subterranean Saraswathi rivers)
11. Swami Vedanta Desika describes him as 'KALKAVAHANA DASA KALKIN', meaning “Kakin seen as riding on the horse named Kalka”.The leelas mentioned in this are horse riding, sward wielding etc.

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