Monday, 4 July 2011

Sri Balarama Chants Sri Krsna’s Glories

One time at Krsna- kunda in Madhuvana, Lord found the gopis suffering from intense pangs of separation from their beloved Krsna. To alleviate their distress Lord Balarama described the wonderful pastimes and glories of Krsna, and chanted Krsna’s transcendental names. Balarama became so absorbed in chanting that His complexion assumed Krsna’s blue color. (SVMP).

Lord Balarama’s Gopis

Lord Balarama journeyed from Dvaraka to Vrindavana to console Sri Krsna’s beloved girlfriends by delivering a confidential letter from Sri Krsna. Filled with pure love for the gopis, Sri Krsna’s charming message deeply touched their hearts.

After delivering Krsna’s message, Lord Balarama stayed in Vrindavana for two months enjoying conjugal pleasures with His own gopis. Together they performed rasa lila along the sandy banks of the Yamuna river. “Lord Balarama was enchanted by the charming pastimes of the beautiful young ladies of Vraja. Thus each night was a completely new experience  and all the nights passed as if they were a single night” (SB lO.65.34p.).

According to Srila Jiva Gosvami and Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakur, Lord Balarama has His own group of gopis, completely different from the cowherd girlfriends of Sri Krsna. Lord Balarama respects Lord Krsna’s gopis, and is very careful to avoid mixing with them.

“If while walking on Govardhana Hill, Krsna’s elder brother Balarama, sees a series of golden stones, He thinks: ‘The daughter of King Vrsabhanu (Radharani) must have just walked before Me,’ and Balarama changes course to avoid an awkward situation. In the same way, if Radharani sees a series of crystal stones, She thinks: ‘Balarama must have just now walked before Me,’ and Radharani then changes Her course” (VRC).

Sleepiness In Ecstatic Love

“Once Lord Baladeva began to talk in His sleep as follows: ‘O lotus-eyed Krsna, Your childhood adventures are manifest simply according to Your own will. Therefore, please immediately dispose of the stabborn pride of this Kaliya serpent. ‘ By saying this Lord Balarama astonished the assembly of the Yadus and made them laugh for some time. Then yawning so hard as to make ripples on His abdomen, Lord Balarama, the bearer of the plow, returned to His deep sleep. This is an instance of sleepiness in ecstatic love’ (NOD Chap.31).

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