Monday, 4 July 2011


One Form of Divine Mother is "Skandha Matha" - having Child Murugan on her Lap.

"Somaskandha Moorthy" is one of the Form of Lord "Shree Shiva Parvathi".

Somaskandhar means Saha[Lord Shiva] Uma[Goddess Parvathi] Skandhan[Lord Murugan].Saha uma skandhar is called as Somaskandhar.Saha represents Sadha Shiva.

In this Form Lord Murugan took the Form of child, sit in between and on the Laps of Lord Shiva - Goddess Parvathi. -> Muruga nee[nga] romba kuduthu vachavanga.

In Philosophical Term, Somaskandhar is 'Sath-Chith-Anandham'.

Sath Means Truth,Chith means Knowledge,Anandham means Bliss.

This world is Sath-chith-Anandhamayam.

This is an sweet,lovely and interesting concept,I heard class related to this from Swamiji.He expalined the Meaning of Sath-chith-anandham for one hour.

Sath Represents Lord Shiva, Chith - Represents Goddess Parvathi,Anandham Represents Lord Murugan.

Lord MahaVishnu Worshipped[Worshipping] Somaskandhar to have a child.

By the Grace of Somaskandhar Lord Vishnu got the Beautiful Manmathan as his Son.Lord Manmathan is the God of Romance,Love and Lust.

So if we Worship Somaskandhar,Lord Manmathan won't hurt[kill] us and he won't act as an obstacle in our Spiritual Path & Progress.And He will Bless us to rise in spirituality.

"Pazhani Padhi vazh Bala Kumara...

Pazhani malai Kundril Irukkum 'Chinna Kuzhandhai' Sevadi Potri"

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