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Silence of Sai

Silence of Sai

by Mantra & shlokas on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 3:34pm

Silence of Sai

Vakra thunda Mahaa Kaaya
Surya Koti Sama prabha
Niruvignam Kurume dheva
Sarva Kaarya shu Sarvadhaa

Lets close our eyes, imagine that we offer green grass , coconut and light a lamp to lord Ganesha along with Milk and Sweets to bless us with Love , Wisdom and success all our life by devoting our self to Sadguru Saibaba

Sai devotees are Sai Children :
Surya Deva, I bow to you , the beautiful sacred Sun God , enlighten me and bring Blessings of Ma Saraswathi to help me write this book with “a flow of Sai leelas” to inspire devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba whom i affectionately call as “Sai Children” and bless them with immense devotion on Saibaba.

Life full of Sai Sai Sai :
In 2003, while working in a movie as a assistant cinematographer, i casually uttered “Sai Baba” ,a guy near me teasingly asked “Oh are you also from that group ? “ I wondered whats so wrong in praying Shirdi Sai Baba .I immediately said ” I pray Saibaba of Shirdi , he is a simple good Saint “.

Little did i know that gradually Saibaba will pull me to his Dwarakamai to such extent that i utter his name “Sai Sai Sai” always. I also request many sai children to realize the greatness of Saibaba just by chanting the word “Sai Sai Sai”.
What happens when you devote yourself to Saibaba with true love on Sainath is what the entire book is about. True love on Saibaba is a stange when you cant ignore your love for sai even when worst situations araises in the ocean of Life. Making your body, mind , speech – all togather your aathman to surrender in the holy feets of Shirdi Saibaba.

Strong Faith on Saibaba :
Few Sai Children may be leading a peaceful life by Saibaba’s Blessings and few may be depressed,worried and wonder if Saibaba is really caring for them. Your strong faith on Saibaba is shaken by problems you face resulting in doubts on Saibaba. Problems comes irrespective of pure devotion for various reasons .

There are some who continue to face problems though they show devotion on Saibaba by listening to Sai Aarthi, Doing Sai Pooja, Parayan Of Shri Sai Satcharitra and doing good deeds to people around them.
Its easy for any spiritual person to say “You are suffering to wash away your karma of previous birth or this, so you have to bear it” . Sai children might ask why sai is not listening to my prayers though Sai has assured ” There will be no wants in the house of my devotees”

Shradha and Saburi should be like two eyes of every Sai child :
Ofcourse Shirdi Saibaba himself asks us to have shradha ( Faith ) and Saburi ( Patience ). Some of you are thankful to Sainath for the life you are leading now, Some are in worries about future, Some sai children are struggling to survive, Some need better health, Some need a good Career, Some pray for a good married life, children and few pray for a spiritual life.

Sai, Why are you silent ?
Some Sai devotees gets what they want in life but vast majority turn to Saibaba with worries asking him ” Why are you Silent , Can’t you see me suffer ? ” . Yes Sai is Silent . When you praise Saibaba he’s not moved by your words and when you show your frustration on this sweet Saint, he continues to be silent.

Sai seems to be silent because we see a Saibaba photo or a Saibaba statue in our house. Even if we have Darshan of Saibaba in shirdi Samadhi mandhir and bow to the beautiful Portrait of Saibaba in holy Dwarakamai, do we hear him speaking ?. ” Sai is Silent “. Thats his nature.

The moment you realize that saibaba speaks to you, is guiding you every moment of your love, when you control all your sensual needs, emotions and desires totally getting into the soul of saibaba, you can hear Sai. Yes. Its true you can hear saibaba speaking with his silence. Whats required is complete surrender to saibaba no matter what happens in life.

My language is simple,has mistakes. I accept it :
There are great writers having command over the language who wrote books about Saibaba and other Saints in india. My english is childish and i don’t have great deal of reading habit. I really wanted to complete writing this book for 2 reason.

1. A devotee who is in failure and pain must realize the beauty of Sai devotion is not in gaining desires getting fulfilled but gradually your desire itself becomes Sai, Sai and Saibaba alone.

2. Sai leelas are unlimited. The miracles done by Saibaba during his life time till 1918 alone are not leela of importance. Every good experience in life can be taken as a “sai leela”. Hence , in this book i tried to tell stories from my childhood,How God blessed me with incidents to believe his existance, my own desires, Incidents which taught me lessons of love and united these personal experiences with Sai leela which happened during Saibaba’s life time.
I pray to Saibaba of shirdi to bless me and the reader to have a unified feeling of devotion.

When starting to write this book i mentally created a “Saraswathi Temple ” in myself and offered chanting of “Sai Saraswathi”.Then i imagined a granite stone statue of Shirdi Saibaba and offered him white lotus percieving Sai as Goddess Saraswathi. I bow to Mahalakshmi , Maha Saraswathi and Guru Saibaba to accept all my ego, pride and mistakes in their holy feets and bless me with pure milky devotion while writing this book and rest of my life.

Lost my Job. Not my Faith :
It was january 30th 2009 when i lost my job as a faculty in film school in mumbai. I decided to come back to my home town as i wanted to be in a peaceful town , do a small job and serve saibaba all life. I promised to Saibaba that i will write a book and started to shirdi. I tried to write during my 10 days stay in Shirdi .I god a note book , took it to all places where ever i went in shirdi and wrote it like a journey with sai leelas.

Then i left mumbai and when i came to my hometown,I was unable to continue writing this Book. The experiences i had in Shirdi will appear inbetween every chapter, the book is written mostly at my house in my home town coimbatore .
I pray Saibaba to bless the reader with good health, peace and prosperity.

Om Sri Sainathaya namaha

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