Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shani Amavasya

Amavasya'--The dark new moon night
This new moon night is a time to heal obstacle and retarding forces in your life. This shani amavasya is a great occasion to do some reconfiguring of your karmic balances.
  • On new moon nights especially those falling on Saturdays create mental imbalance, stress, confusion and chaotic activities in life as well as obstacles to achieving goals. The obstacles arise out of the confusion of mind.
  • The positive aspect of amavasya is that the mind being 'absent' (moon=mind), it is capable of being in silent watchful and recording/observing mode when nourished and protected by healing and specific mantras. Mantras are special sound vibration sequences that protect the mind. ('man'= mind, 'tra'= to protect.)(The special mantras for April 25, 2009 are given here in this PDF which can be downloaded by right-clicking and saving.)

Upai or Rectification for negativities
At the same time when a special Upai (rectification) is done as described here, there is reduction and removal of all the negatives. At the same time there the upai enables an ability to access the spiritual nature in a heightened way. This is because in the absence of the moon's false ego supporting rays one is able to more easily connect with the divine supersoul energies once the upai is done.
  • Saturn (shani) energies are very powerful to help create spiritual karma--on this occasion if one approaches Sri Shani for his grace through specific mantras, one can receive much benefit in life.
In the process of this connection, super karma flows into our lives to shift our karmic balance in our favor.

August 30, 2008 Shani-Amavasya Upai and Mantras
After the following Upai is done during the day at any time, the Shani Amavasya Mantras may be chanted.

Benefits of the rectification procedure
The following procedure:
  • Reduces and removes energies of confusion and chaos
  • Reduces and removes blocking of opportunities and results
  • Reduces and removes mental ill-health
  • Creates protection from inimical forces and government action
  • Creates a situation where inimical forces can be overcome successfully
Gather the following materials:

Gather the materials listed (excluding the oil) and place them on a white cloth.
The white cloth should be placed on the black cloth and gathered together in a potli (bag) and its mouth tied securely. You can also use a rubber band to secure the bag and its contents as shown. the upai (rectification) as below--

Shani-Amavasya Mantra Chanting
Finally, after doing the upai at any time during the day, after 7:00 pm (local time) you can chant the mantras listed. These are especially powerful to protect the mind on Shani-Amavasya night. (Mantra--'Man'=the mind; 'tra'=to protect from hurt and damage.)
  • Remember to be in the mood that you are approaching Lord Shani (Saturn) and requesting his grace and protection.

  • Chant the first mantra as many times as you like--3, 9, 11, 21 or more times.
  • Next, chant the second mantra as many times as you like as well.
  • After competing the second mantra, do the same for the third mantra and so on until you complete all the mantras this way.
After that--Enjoy excellent mental, emotional, physical, karmic and spiritual health!

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