Friday, 1 July 2011


The celestial Kamadhenu

The above shloka means that all the deities dwell in the body of a cow. Therefore the cow itself is as holier, as the deities. The various parts of the body of the cow in which the deities, the revered sages, the various elements, are believed to dwell are given as follows:
1) Two Horns of the Cow
The Creator 'Brahma'
2) The Head of the Cow
The Deity 'Indra'
3) Forehead of the Cow
The Deity 'Agni
4) Collar of the Cow
The Deity 'Yama'
5) Brain of the Cow
The Deity 'Moon'
6) Upper Jaw of the Cow
The Highest world Dyuloka
7) Lower Jaw of the Cow
The Earth
8) The Tongue
The Lightening
9) The Teeth
The Deity 'Marut'
10) The Throat
The 'Revatee' Constellation
11) The Shoulder
The 'Kritka' Constellation
12) Bones of the Shoulder
The Summer Season
13) All the Organs of the Cow
The Deity 'Vaayu'
14) The Heaven
The World to which cow, belongs
15) The BackBone
The Deity 'Rudra'
16) In the Chest
The Eagle
17) Is the Power & Strength Of the Cow
The Space
18) Hunch of the Cow
The Sage Vrihashpati
19) In the bones of the Chest
The Stanza by the name of Vrihatee
20) The Back
Angels & Fairies
21) Bones of the Ribs
The Hostesses of the Angels & Fairies.
22) The Shoulders
The Deity 'Varuna' and Friend
23) The Forelegs
The Sage 'Tvashta & the sage 'Aryama'
24) The Hindlegs
The Destroyer 'Lord Mahadeva'
25) The Backside of the Cow
The wife of the Deity 'Indra'
26) The Tail
The Deity 'Vaayu'
27) The Hairs of the Body
The Sage 'Pawamana'
28) The Buttock
The Caste 'Brahmin' & The caste'Kshatriya'
29) Lies in the Thighs
The Strength of the Cow.
30) Bones of the Knees
The Deity Sun and the Creator
31) The Calf of the Cow
The Celestial Beings 'Gandharva'
32) In the Smaller Bones
The Celestial Beings 'Apsara'
33) Hooves of the Cow
The Mother of the Sun, God, 'Aditi'
34) In the Heart
The Mind
35) In the Liver of the Cow
The Intelligence
36) The Nerve By the Name Of 'Puritat'
The Religious Vow 'Vrata'
37) The Belly
The Hunger
38) In the Intestines
Goddess Sarswati
39) In the internal part of the intestines
The Mountains
40) In the Ovum
The sorrow (Manyu)
41) In the sense Organs
The Subjects & the People (Praja)
42) In the Ovary
The River
43) In the Breasts
The Deity 'Varuna'
44) In the cells of the Breasts which produce milk
The Thundering clouds
45) In the Skin
The 'All-Pervasive power'
46) In the hairs of the Body,Of the cow
The Various Medicines
47) The Anus
The heavenly & Celestial Beings 'Devagana'
48) In the Intestine
The Man
49) In the Stomach
The Celestial being 'Yaksha'
50) In the Kidney
The Anger
51) In the Blood
The Demon 'Rakshasha'
52) The Appearance of The Cow
The Constellation are
53) In the Stomach
The Other living beings
54) Is the Grossness
The sky
55) In the Bone-Marrow
The Death
56) Is Like Fire
The Posture while sitting
57) Is the Deity 'Ashwinee Kumar
The posture while getting up
58) The Deity 'Indra'
The Posture while standing and facing East
59) The Lord of Death 'Yamaraja'
The Posture while standing and facing South
60) The Creator 'Brahma'
The Posture while standing and facing west
61) The Sun God
The Posture while standing & facing North
62) The Deity Moon
The Cow while Grazing
63) The Friend
The Cow while looking
64) Pure Joy
The Posture of the Cow while turning it back

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