Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sankatmochan Sri Hanumanashtak

Baan lagyo ur lakshiman ke tab, praan taje sut raavan maaro |
Lai griha baidya sushen samet, tabai giri dron su beer upaaro |
Aani sajeewan hath dayee taba lakshiman ke tum praan upaaro|
Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tihaaro||5||

Shri Hanumanji Gets Mount Dronachal with the Sanjivani
The arrow shot by Meghnad (son of Rāvaṇa) struck the heart of Lakshman and his life was at stake. That is when you brought Sushen, an ayurvedic doctor, along with his house, and uprooting Mount Dronachal got the sanjivani, a medicinal herb.With these feats you saved the life of Lakshman.Who is there in this world, oh Kapi, who does not know that you are famed as the eliminator of obstacles!

Raavan yudh ajaan kiyo tab, naag ki phaas sabhi sir daaro |
Sri Raghunath samet sabai dal, moh bhayo yah sankat bhaaro |
Aani khagesh tabai hanumaan ju, bandhan kaati sutraas nivaaro |

Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tiharo ||6||

Shri Hanuman brings Garuda who Shreds the Nagpaash
Ravan fought a frightful battle war and bound all the troops in the nagapaash (noose made of cobras).Soon after, the entire faction along with Lord Rama was deluded into thinking that they were in great danger.That is when, oh Hanumanji! You brought Garuda (from Vaikunth) and had the snare of snakes shredded apart.Who in this world, oh Kapi, does not know that you are renowned as the remover of impediments!

Bandhu samet jabai ahiraavan, lai raghunath pataal sidhaaro |
Devhi puji bhalee vidhi so bali, deu sabai mili mantra vichaaro |
Jaay sahaay bhayo tab hi ahiraavan sainya samet sanhaaro |
Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tihaaro ||7||

Shri Hanuman rescues Lord Rama & Lakshman from Ahiraavan
When Ahiravan kidnapped Lord Rama along with his brother and took them to to pataal(the underworld of hell), he resolved to offer both these brothers in sacrifice after earnestly praying to Goddess Kaalratri and discussing with everyone. That is precisely when you reached there and killed Ahiravan along with his troops. Who in this world, oh Kapi, does not know that you are famed in dispelling misfortunes.

Kaaj kiye barh dewan kei tum, beer mahaaprabhu dekhi bichaaro |
Kaun so sankat mohin gareeb ko, jo tumso nahin jaat hai taaro |
Begi haro hanumaan mahaprabhu jo kuch sankat hoya hamaaro |

Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tiharo ||8||

hri Hanumanji  Helps Lord Rama in Crossing the Ocean
Oh Mahaveer! (the greatly valiant hero)You have improved upon the tasks of many great deities.As of now, cast a glance on me and consider, which misery of a destitute like me can not be dispelled by you?

Whatever may be my plight, oh Mahaveer Hanuman,you must get rid of it, soon enough!Who in this world is unaware, oh Kapi, that your name is renowned for being the eliminator of impediments!

Laal deh laalee lase, aru dhari laal langoor |
Bajra deh daanavdalan, jai jai jai kapi soor ||

our body is red-hued, your tail is red, you have applied red vermilion (applied by married women to hair parting), and your clothes are also red in colour. Your body is hard as a diamond and you destroy the wicked. May you triumph over and over again, oh hero of the monkeys!

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