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 Kubera, son of Vaisira was gifted with an aircraft in recognition of his devotion to Lord Shiva. While visiting all the Shiva temples in various places in the country, he saw an Ilandhai tree on the banks of Cauvery where the deer, tiger, cow, elephant, snake and the rat were drinking water without any sign of enmity It was a place inhabited by holy men, gandharvas and such good people. Kubera heard a voice from the sky saying that the Vedas came to the Earth on this place near the Ilandhai Tree and there was a Shivalinga beneath it and advised him to worship the Lord and reap the benefits. The Lord appeared before Kubera. At his request, the Lord also is named Alagesan.

.Bhavani Sangameshwarar temple is an ancient one.  The confluence of three rivers Kaveri, and amirtha nathi meet at one place of the temple.  So the place of bhavani Eswarar is called as Sangameshwarar.  The place of bhavani is called as nayanmar’s songs as Thirunana.  The holy temple was praised by nayanmar Thirunanasampathar and Thiruppugal Arunagirinathar.  This places is known as parikar Thalam.  So in the south of the temple place of koodudurai the purokits (priests) performing poojas ie; parikara like nagadhosa, Sevvaidhosa, Marriage dhosa, Navagraha dhosa and other dhosas.  This place bhavani is situated in Erode District.  The nearest Railway station at bhavani is Erode which is away from 16 k.m. and the nearest Airport at Coimbatore is 100 k.m. away from bhavani and bus station of Bhavani is away from 1 K.m. from the temple.  Car, bus, auto facilities are there to reach the temple.  The foreigners of the tourists and north and south Indian peoples from Maharastra, Gujarat, Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhrapradesh who visited the place of bhavani temple and worshipped the lord Sangameshwarar and got blessings of the Lord.

            Sangameshwarar temple beautiful in front view of Five Tier Rajagopuram along with Kottai Vinayagar in Left and Kottai Anjaneyar in right side. Sangameshwarar temple front outer view kodimaram, Palipeedam and lighting monolithic stone pillar. Daily poojas are occurred for the above three.
            Daily Komadha Pooja (Cow pooja) Performed by temple priest, at that time sweet pudding ie; (pongal, banana etc) are given to temple cow. This is performed daily for the welfare of the worshippers in the mundane(world). It is a religious belief that the pooja gives wealth to all. All Hindu gods and goddesses are dwelled in the parts of cow.

            Outer area of lord sangameshwarar shrine. The pradosha Nandhi, iconographical feature of entrance of lord sangameshwarar namely as Goddess Gajalakshmi panel. Sixty Three Nayanmars who worshipped the lord siva in a worshipping postures and praised the lord in religious songs such as Thevaram, Thiruvasagam. The Architectural and iconographical feature of Lord Dakshinamoorthy (Sannathi) shrine facing in the side of south Above the shrine of melthala two mono lithic stone chain with five rings on both sides of shrine. It is a rare piece in architectural feature in south India. In Saiva religion the Lord Siva in the form of pancha bootha ligam ie; prithivilinga (sand from of liga) Appulinga (Water form of linga) and Akasa linga (Eather form of linga). It reveals the fact that everything”s constitute of five elements. Saint Veda Viyasa in a standing posture in a pillar who wrote mahabaratha.Entrance of the Amman temple in beautiful Architectural and iconographical features of stone idols with jumping horses, standing Yalees.

            Pradosha Nandhi Abisekam at the evening time of every thiryodasi (13th day of full moon (or) new moon), large scale of abiseka is performed by the priest ie; gurukkal. Many devotees in a large crowd come and attend, worshing the “Nandhi” and Lord siva by murmering and chanting slogas, religions songs etc.,Every Prodosha time God siva, with Goddess sakthi in a procession, a large number devotees who have participated at the time of procession.
  •  Zurahareshwarar is rare piece in dancing posture.  He had there legs devotes believe that.  He redeems the impurity of mind of devotees.At the time of Prodosha the lady devotees worship the lord in dance.
  • One cradle has been donated to by European collector and it was made by tusk of elephant to vedanayagi amman and he has signed on the frame of cradle.
        Rock status of this temple represents the beauty of stone carving and the culture of the people. When water or milk poured on the two identical stone statues in font of ambal sanathi- Hindu goddess, one smiles at you, while the other shed tears at you. The temple got a precious Ambal statu, a Hindu goddess donated by a district collector during British period for saving his life. Of all the seven holy Shiva centers of the Kongu Region, Bhavani is known as Thirunana in script. The holy waters of Sangameswarar temple is known as Cauvery theertham, Surya theertham and Gayatri theertham.Amirtha Lingam who gives blenings to the couple to get children. The Holy and Beautiful view of Amirthalingam temple.

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